Today we’re travelling to little Moldova in Eastern Europe. We visit Inpsyde Developer Victor Vasiloi! Do you want to travel into other countries virtually, too? Then read the story of Emili in Spain, travel to the US and visit Brandon or to Vietnam and visit Cuong.

Victor Vasiloi

“I’m a 23 years old full-stack web developer from Chisinau, Moldova. That’s a small country in Eastern Europe. I was lucky to start my career as a developer right after I graduated the high school. It was a great opportunity, since Moldova is a poor country and IT specialists are paid well.”

Inpsyde Developer Victor Vasilor talks about his search for a remote job.

“But this choice wasn’t about career or money. It was about passion, because all I really cared about in high school was IT. So I started to learn, work and grow as a specialist. I even abandoned the university in favor of my job, because in the latter one, I was gaining much more experience and knowledge. This decision was highly criticised by my family, my girlfriend, some of my friends and a lot of other people I know.
From their point of view I was making a mistake, but I was confident about my choices and ignored all the critics.”

My professional development

“After more than two years since my start as web developer, the company, I was working for, encountered some financial problems, and enployees were leaving one by one. So did I. The same day I left it, I started at a new place, but after about half a year I decided to leave it too. That move led me to freelance. I liked to work from home, having a lot of free time, flexible hours and other perks.

Sadly, the lack of discipline and a project that wasn’t interesting anymore, forced me to stop doing freelance.
I moved back to office, but after a short time, I started to miss all the perks of the remote work. Also, there was a hard time in the relationship with my girlfriend. She was studying in Lyon, France.”

Searching for a job

“So I decided to find a remote job again. But this time I was searching for a full-time job, because at least to me it forces more discipline. I started to search for a new job almost everywhere, applying to several of open positions, publishing my CV and sending it to HR agencies and hiring companies. After a while, I started to receive a lot of feedback and proposals. Inpsyde’s feedback was between them, too. There were a lot of positions with relocation, but I was determined to visit my girlfriend and stay with her longer.

So I was looking for a job that would allow me to do that. After a month of searching, I got a few favorites, including Inpsyde and two more German companies. I discovered that in comparison with other EU countries, German companies are more open to hire foreign specialists (including non-EU citizens) and offer relocation or remote work. Also, German companies are paying more and offer more perks.”

That’s how I came to Inpsyde

“Alex, my Inpsyde contact person and one of it’s CEOs, convinced me that it’s “the best place to work”. I really like him, his vision and everything that Inpsyde is. Despite the doubt I had about this position, because the stereotypes about WordPress and my lack of experience with it, I chose to work at Inpsyde.
So here I am, working at Inpsyde with very nice people, learning WordPress and it’s ecosystem, enjoying all the benefits of a remote work.”

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