This week in our mini series “Inpsyders worldwide”: Inpsyde Developer Cuong Duong from Vietnam. He’s a working student and supports the further development of BackWPup. During the last weeks, you already got to know Emili and Brandon.

Cuong Duong

“A warm hello from Vietnam. 🙂 I’m Cuong, 21 years old. Currently, I live in Ha Noi, that’s Vietnam’s capital city. I’m studying at UNETI (University of Economic and Technical Industries). There I nearly finished my third year. In my free-time, I like to go for a walk. Moreover, I like reading novels (God Father, Three Kingdom, The Water Margin and Lord of the Flies are some of my favorites) and learning new things about development. Oh, and I like playing Games on Steam (Do you play KillingFloor? Add me here: duongcuong96 or Cuong).”

Inpsyde developer Cuong Duong on traditional mid-autumn festival in Vietnam.
Me, Cuong (red robe) celebrating Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam. It’s also called Children’s Festival. That day, we do lion dances (in the picture I’m Tễu, it’s a joker, making humorous actions for the people and leading a lion. This festival is something similar to Halloween, it ends up with a lot of fun, especially for the kids.
That’s how I came to Inpsyde

“Before joining Inpsyde, I worked as freelancer. There I mostly worked on WordPress projects and used BackWPup many times. It’s a really reliable backup solution, it helps me backup things fast, secure and most importantly, it “just works”. One day, I saw that vacancy where Inpsyde informed all users that they’re in need of more developers. “Oh cool”, I thought, and after I sent my job application, I just hoped that Alex would let me in. (Once again, thanks a lot, Alex!) And now I work as supporter and tester and sometimes in the field of development.”

My experiences with Inpsyde

“Working remotely at Inpsyde means that I have many colleagues working in other time zones. For example, my mentor Brandon lives in the USA, you know, that’s 11 hours after my time. Sometimes it happens that Brandon writes something and after six hours I answer “Sorry Brandon, I was tired and went to bed.” Then I feel sorry about that. 🙂 And another thing I already thought about many times is how to say “Good Morning” to everyone (due to the different time zones). Mostly, it ends up with “nice day everybody :D” that always fits 🙂 Working remotely at Inpsyde gives the possibility to work with other developers and people all over the world. They have strong skills, strong developement experiences and a different culture. All of this helps me to learn so many new things.” 🙂

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