The Inpsyde family has a new member: WordPress Engineer Luis Rosales. Since October 2019, he is part of our team which consists of experts from all over world. Luis lives in Spain and like all Inpsyders, he works 100% remotely. You can learn more about our team members and remote work in our blog category Inside Inpsyde.

This is WordPress Engineer Luis Rosales

Luis is 34 years old and lives in Getafe, Spain.

WordPress Engineer Luis Rosales

I’m originally from Venezuela. In 2014, I moved with my girlfriend to Uruguay for two years because I was working on a project there. Now, we live in Spain, near to Madrid. I like to live here. Madrid is a really great city with many options and things to do and interesting places to visit. And I love the food!

I am a self-taught programmer. I like to learn and I am really passionate about it. Programming is one of my two great passions. The other one is music. In my 20ties, I was playing in a band called Ccs Roots. We used to play Ska and Reggae and I played the saxophone. Music has always been an important hobby of mine. I also wrote own songs. Actually, I listen to any kind of music. But as a musician, I started to like more complex music. That’s why I prefer jazz or classical music.

For me, music is like an abstract language and it is similar with coding which has many abstract languages. You start with nothing more than this language and then you create new things from scratch. Since I was a child, I have always loved to build things. My brother and I had a big box with legos and could spend the whole day building spaceships. I think everything started at this point. Maybe, that is why I studied Mechanical Engineering later.

How do you spend your spare time?

I like traveling. When I lived in Venezuela, I had this pretty old Jeep and I spent a lot of time with fixing it to go on trips. I used to go every weekend I could to a lonely beach and spend some time there. I like to keep it simple when traveling.

When we moved to Spain, my girlfriend and I made a long trip. We didn’t know Spain and we wanted to go to many places. So, we made a B&B tour through Spain. It was a great adventure! We even slept in a chinese style house in the middle of Valencia.

I also love to watch movies, no matter if it is a good or bad one. My favourite genre are action movies. That kind of where they have a challenge to do and you spend all the movie watching how they try to solve it, like for example Ocean’s Eleven.

Professional Career

Most of my knowledge came from several sources. I took some courses on specific technologies. Programming was especially interesting for me because I wanted to learn more about how to automate things. I had a company in Venezuela and started with building some programs to automate internal and external tasks.

When I moved to Uruguay, I’ve been more deeply involved with programming. I worked for a logistics company and had to deal with a lot of Excel sheets for invoicing and cargo tracking. Basically, my career as developer started at this time.

Later, I moved on to pure programming and I enjoy it much. But actually, I liked every job I had so far. I always find something to learn about them. And I never imagined myself drawing lifting plans for cranes, and it happened.

Luis‘ way to Inpsyde

Before I applied for the job at Inpsyde, I took a look in GitHub and really liked how they do the things within WordPress. And I realized that I can learn a lot here. I had some experiences with WordPress development before and I always wanted to expand my professional knowledge about this ecosystem.

I particularly like how we use PHP. When you use a framework, you have a starting point that hides how PHP loads everything. Here, we have to start from scratch sometimes and that forces you to keep your knowledge of the basics fresh.

Questions to Inpsyder Luis

We asked Luis a few personal questions to give you the chance to learn more about him:

Which famous person was your hero as a child?


Which job did you do when you were at school?

Selling hot dogs.

What’s your favorite movie?

Kung Fu Panda.

Describe your ideal weekend.

Being at the beach with my girlfriend, having some relax and party time.

What would you grab first if your house was on fire?

The phone to call the firefighters!

While watching which movie did you cry the most?

Instructions not included.

What are you really good at?


What’s the best meal you can cook on your own?

Salmon or Pastiche.

What would be the slogan of your life?

You can do it.

Superman, Batman, or Spiderman?


You would like to work remotely, too?

We are looking for new team members! Take a look at our Job Page.


*Header: Thanks to Jorge Fernández Salas for the photo we used for the Header.

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