WordPress Engineer Brian Schäffner

I was convinced by what Inpsyde lives and does ‒ that’s where I wanted to go!

Our team is growing fast! We are happy to introduce a new member: WordPress Engineer Brian Schäffner. He is a part of the Inpsyde family since October 2019. Brian is an enthusiastic bodybuilder with many interests and a strong sense of discipline and order. 

By the way: The Inpsyde Team is 100% remote

This enables us to bring together the best minds in the world in one team. You want to learn more about our way of working and the Inpsyders? Take a look inside Inpsyde!

This is Brian Schäffner

Brian is 24 years old and lives in Vogtland, Germany.

WordPress Engineer Brian Schäffner is an enthusiastic bodybuilder

How can you be described?

I am very passionate about doing and learning new things and creating something. Programming is, therefore, one of my great passions. For me, it is a kind of tool like a hammer. I’ve always loved building something myself ‒ whether it’s a wooden cabinet or a website for a customer. The feeling of having created something that provides added value is very satisfying for me. That’s my inspiration, my motivation.

How do you spend your free time?

On weekends, I take time for my friends. I also go to the gym five days a week and spend a lot of time increasing my natural potential, both mentally and physically. For me, this includes not only sports and healthy diet, but also continuing education. That’s why I try to read at least one book a month, mainly biographies of people I see as inspiration or books on personality development.

Bodybuilding is an important part of my life. I have been training for a total of four years now. I wasn’t always so sporty and disciplined. But when I started doing intensive sports at the age of 18, I quickly developed a real passion. For me, this includes adhering to a diet and training plan. I do this to feel good in my body, but primary, I just like the self-disciplined lifestyle. In this way, you pay more attention to your body, balanced nutrition, and health. And you are constantly developing and setting yourself new goals.

What is important to you?

To realize my goals, to turn my dreams into reality and to grow steadily in all areas that interest me. And structure ‒ at work, but also in my private life. For example, I get up early every morning to have a relaxed start to the day. An orderly everyday life is very important to me. That would possibly feel like a kind of restriction for some people, but I enjoy living a disciplined life. That’s good for me. And when I do something that interests me and that I enjoy, I always try to get the most out of it.

Professional Career

When I bought my first laptop at the age of 14 and discovered the Internet for the first time, I asked myself the question: How is a website created? Or more precisely: How can you create your own website? That’s how it all started. I began to absorb and learn everything from web design to web development.

After graduating from school, I began an apprenticeship as a media designer. But I quickly realized that it wasn’t quite the right thing for me and canceled the education. That was a good decision because that’s how I came to programming. During my training, I had already dealt with the fundamentals of PHP and WordPress. So, I built on these experiences and started to get more involved with the topic. In this way, I taught myself programming with the help of books and tutorials, and in the last two to three years also with online courses.

Over the last few years, I have gained professional experience in various areas: for example as a media designer or as a full-stack developer with a focus on eCommerce. And now as a WordPress developer at Inpsyde.

Brian’s way to Inpsyde

When I discovered the job, I was excited about the new, potential opportunities it would offer: From all the topics around WordPress to the ability to work remotely and learn so much new stuff. I was convinced by what Inpsyde lives and does ‒ that’s where I wanted to go!

After I had become more involved with Inpsyde and took a look at the public code repositories, I was impressed by the quality and general vision of working with WordPress at a high professional level. The ability to work remotely and thus save the annoying and stressful trip to work made the whole Inpsyde package even more attractive. It means more freedom and flexibility.

I learn a lot of new things here every day and there are a lot of possibilities to participate or to do new things. The team is also great. The people are nice, open-minded and cool. Working together with such a diverse team is simply fun.

Questions to Inpsyder Brian:

We asked Brian a few personal questions, so you can get to know him better:

What is your midnight snack?

Low-fat quark with Langnese ice cream and fruits
(e .g. blueberries).

What was the last book you read?

Ronnie Coleman – Yeah Buddy!: My Incredible Story!

What should be written on your gravestone?

“He’s always made an effort”. ?

What is your favorite movie?

The complete Transporter film series.

Describe your ideal weekend.

Get up early in the morning, go jogging, taste various delicacies afterward, enjoy a dinner at a restaurant with friends.

What is on your bucket list?

To emigrate to the USA sometime in the distant future. But my bucket list is full of all sorts of goals.

What kind of fashion style don’t you like at all?


What did you want to be when you were a child?

A carpenter, I had a lot to do with wood and crafts as a child because of my father. No, today I am exactly where I want to be. I love being a developer.

You get stuck in the elevator for many hours and there’s a song playing in a continuous loop, what song would that be?

50 Cent – In Da Club. This always reminds me of the vibe in my childhood when I first saw the music video on MTV.

What was the best advice you ever got?

„Never give in, never, never, never – never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” ‒ Winston Churchill (Read in a book and never forgot).

What do you believe in or what are you convinced of that most people won’t agree with?

That everyone has the opportunity to create the best version of themselves.

If you found out that your present life is just a dream, would you decide to wake up?

No, because then I would be able to enjoy this dream even more and would probably have less stress.

Which character trait in other people annoys you the most?

Boasting or consciously distracting other people from something important.

Have you ever met a celebrity in person?

I have already met many great German rappers and producers. It was a very nice experience to get to know the rappers/producers for the first time, who you before only knew from their music and to see the personality behind it. I’m still friends with some of them today and in some cases, this has somewhat disenchanted the magic. ?

What is your favorite smartphone app?

The music app. I love listening to music. My favorite music is German and US rap. My favorite rappers are Migos, Drake, Travis Scott, Fler, and Summer Cem. I guess it makes it easier to get a feeling for which vibe I like.

Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man?


Do you want to join the Inpsyde team?

We are hiring! You can find all the current vacancies on our job page. Take a look!

* Many thanks to Artem Sapegin for the photo we used in the header section of this article.

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