The Inpsyde team is growing fast! Our blog category Inside Inpsyde provides you the chance to get to know all new Inpsyders and learn more about our way of working. In this article we want to introduce Anas Kashalo to you who is part of the Inpsyde team since April 2019.

This is Inpsyde WordPress Engineer Anas Kashalo

Anas is 35 years old and lives in Warsaw, Poland.

Inpsyde WordPress Engineer Anas Kashalo loves Coffee

What are your hobbies?

“I love music, particularly Rock and classical music. I know, they are like exact opposites but somehow both have made it to my favorite music genres. Actually, I kind of regret that I never learned how to play an instrument, especially guitar. I tried, but it didn’t work out. So, I’m not good in making music, but I’m very good at listening. Concerning classic music, I like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart the most. When it comes to rock music, I prefer classic rock from the 80ties and 90ties like for example Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. I like to go on concerts, too, but unfortunately these days rock music has changed. So, you need to keep going with this change when you want to hear some live music. You know, it’s important to try out new things sometimes.”

“Sports are very important to me, too. I really enjoy body building but I don’t train to be good-looking or to become stronger. Sometimes, the whole day is stressed out and I need something as compensation. It’s about to dissipate excess energy.”

“I’m also very interested in cars. I drive at much as I can. Sometimes, I drive bigger tours, mostly with a very good friend of mine, and see what’s coming up. Also, I like traveling in general. And I love being at airports where I can see so many different kinds of people and different cultures. I like to watch them being busy and try to figure out what they are thinking. I try to analyze them a bit and learn from it.”

“And of course, technology. That’s why I’m here!”

What can you tell about yourself?

“I believe nothing is impossible. It is like a rule to me. If I believe that I can do something, I just do it – even if it sometimes sounds crazy. Anybody can do anything. That’s my philosophy. We all are going to live this one life. We need to enjoy this time and do whatever we can and want. Don’t think too much. For example, many people say: I need to live healthier. Even though I’m a body builder, I don’t always stick to a healthy nutrition plan. In my opinion, you need to establish standards in our life that seem good for you. Basically, you need to choose your own way.”

“My whole life is not like a normal life. Really. Since the moment when I was 16 years old till today, nothing was standard. I just like to do things the opposite way. For example, I learned developing by myself, just because it is fun. If I want to do something, I often choose the direct way to do it.”

Professional Career

“I think I was looking for new challenges and interesting experiences from the very beginning. When I was at school, I started my own little business by selling games to my school mates. Honestly, I was not attending the classes as often as I maybe should have. Even so, I had good grades because I just got me the transcripts of the stuff we went through and learned it by myself. As I said before, I like to do things in my own way.”

“My career started when I was about 15 years old. At this time, I began to learn about computer science by myself because in Syria – where I come from – it was not possible to get an education in this field at this time. I think, it was not only this way in Syria but in many countries since computer science was a relatively new field. I just wanted to figure out how hardware and software are working. Later, my first job in the IT field was to do hardware maintenance.”

“Later, I specialized for 16 years in networking and communication till I reached a point where nothing in this field felt really new for me. So, I searched for new things to learn and started my work as a developer.”

“When the war started in Syria, I decided that I had to do something. So, I started a small company with a friend in Poland and moved there. Our company sold hardware. Because of some problems, we closed the company in the end. Actually, I am glad that it turned out this way because I never liked to be a sales man, to have to convince people. That was just not my perfect job.”

“After that, I still stayed in Poland. I live here for four years now and I like it. It is a really nice country. I have my own work space here with a great view and only about 200 meters from my apartment. It’s important to me to separate my work place from my home.”

Anas’ way to Inpsyde

“Actually, to work at Inpsyde has been my goal for quite some time. So, when I got the job, it was like an achievement. I knew that I would learn a lot here. I want to take this chance to face new challenges, improve my skills and move from junior developer level to senior level as soon as possible. The team is really great. I totally enjoy working here. By the way: This is my first time working remotely and it feels much better for me than working in a normal office.”

Questions to Inpsyder Anas

We asked Anas a few personal questions to give you the chance to learn more about him:

What is the last book you read?
Clean Code. I try to read as much as I can. Mostly about developing, business and marketing.
If you had a super power, what would that be?
Super-fast learning.
What is on your bucket list?
Too many things. First, I need to create cleaner internet. And some time, I want to have a Lamborghini and a big house with big speakers!
If you found out that your present life is just a dream, would you decide to wake up?
No. I love my life.
What do you believe in or what are you convinced of that most people don’t agree with?
It’s kind of tough to say, but for me, everything in life is a lie. Because everything has a hidden story which you cannot see or which isn’t told.
What have you been in your previous life?
A musician, maybe? I sometimes really regret that I wasn’t born in the 70ties to witness the 80ties guys. It was the best time for music!
What is the best meal you can cook on your own?
Something with eggs. I’m not really good at cooking. Every time I try, everything gets messed up.
Are you sentimental about some of the things you own?
I really like my car. It’s a Range Rover Sport. I like big cars. From the moment when this model was produced, I immediately wanted it and I think I will keep this car forever.
What are you really good at?
My work. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. I don’t work because I have to but because I want to!
What would be the slogan of your life?
Information technology.
Superman, Batman or Spiderman?
Batman, because he has a great car.
If you could travel through time, which time would you visit first?
1985. The time when Deep Purple played Beethoven on guitar in Germany.

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