WordPress Development at Inpsyde

WordPress Development at Inpsyde

WordPress development – This is how it works at Inpsyde! Best practice insights into the development practices of Europe’s leading WordPress agencies.

This is how WordPress development works at Inpsyde! As Europe’s biggest WordPress agency and one of the leading WordPress agencies worldwide, we’ve earned the trust of many sophisticated customers by developing appropriate solutions that are among the best in the WordPress ecosystem. We owe this success to our strict coding standards and our excellent team of developers. We have established several measures to help us maintain our high standards and continuously improve the quality of our work to ensure delivering only the best results.

“There are not many companies in the WordPress sector that focus as much on code quality as Inpsyde. This approach impressed me from day one, which was one of the reasons I wanted to work here.”

Giuseppe Mazzapica, Developer at Inpsyde

About Giuseppe Mazzapica

Giuseppe Mazzapica was on hand to give an interview for this article. Giuseppe is a highly skilled and experienced WordPress Developer and Technical Lead of many of the enterprise projects at Inpsyde.

Why We Strive for the Highest Quality

Over 17 years ago, the founders of Inpsyde met in the WordPress community, where they joined forces to support the distribution of WordPress as an open-source solution for democratized publishing. When WordPress was barely known in Germany, they translated the CMS into German, making it accessible to the German market. Then in 2006, they founded Inpsyde as a purely WordPress agency for SMB and enterprise projects.

WordPress is not just our daily business but our passion

This close connection to the WordPress community shapes our aspiration to satisfy our customer’s needs and go further. One of our overall goals is to strengthen the WordPress ecosystem by developing high-quality solutions to establish awareness of the possibilities and advantages of WordPress, especially for the enterprise sector.

Before I started at Inpsyde, I had never worked for enterprise customers. But here, I realized that big companies often rely on WordPress not as the only solution but as a piece of a versatile system of different software solutions and tools. So, the development challenge is to connect these software pieces in a way that makes it easy for customers to work with them. I really love this field of work because it is very diversified, and you have to think out of the box to find the best solution.

‒ Giuseppe Mazzapica, Developer at Inpsyde

We put our trust in our strong team

We rely on a top-class team of experts to achieve the best quality and constantly improve our performance and results. That’s why we strongly focus on supporting the development of our employees in the best possible way. Moreover, as we are 100% decentralized, we emphasize knowledge exchange and teamwork.

One of the most important things for me when it comes to work is to keep my passion. While working at Inpsyde, I learn something new every week, so I never get bored. Here, I always have the chance to keep updated, develop myself further, and bring in my ideas. For example, I started a few open-source projects myself that are now used by the Inpsyde team, and I was encouraged to continue them during my work time. That meant a lot to me.

Giuseppe Mazzapica, Developer at Inpsyde

Inpsyde Team Meetings

We bring our colleagues together to strengthen our collaboration with team meetings and organize joint workshops for Inpsyde WordPress development experts.


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Inpsyde Team Meeting Barcelona 2022

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Inpsyde Team Meeting Berlin 2019

How We Achieve High-Class Quality

Inpsyde has been a completely remote working agency since day one. For this reason, we have a lot of experience working together as an international team that shares a digital working environment instead of a fixed office.  Regarding the quality of our work, we are keenly aware of the importance of constant knowledge exchange, an agile working environment, and establishing and constantly improving standards that build the base for our projects.

Inpsyde follows the goal of consistently delivering the best possible result, but not by stubbornly using a cookie-cutter approach. Achieving high-quality results is a process and can mean different things depending on the context. That’s why we establish processes and standards, question them regularly, and change them if necessary.  Because if you follow standards that never get discussed and updated, you will not do the best over the long term.

Giuseppe Mazzapica, Developer at Inpsyde

Inpsyde Codex

The “Inpsyde Codex” builds the base for every Inpsyde project. It is a collection of guidelines and coding styles that have been established since the foundation of Inpsyde and mutually agreed upon by the team. They are frequently discussed and updated to avoid parts of the codex becoming obsolete or not meeting the best practices.

These guidelines also play a vital role in our onboarding process. Due to Inpsyde’s rapid growth, efficient onboarding of new employees is essential. The codex helps new Inpsyders to answer their questions and become more confident with the Inpsyde coding standards. Of course, new employees also get personal help from our team, e.g., every new Inpsyder gets a so-called Buddy to help them settle in.

Inpsyde Dev Day

The Developer Day at Inpsyde takes place once a month. On this day, all developers come together via a video call to discuss important topics such as new solutions or improving specific tasks and processes. There are also workshops where the participants work together on certain tasks or try to answer specific questions. The decision on which topics will be discussed depends entirely on the employees.

The Dev Days provide absolute freedom. There are no requirements from the company at all. We developers solely decide what we want to do. This keeps the motivation very high since we can determine which topics are important for us and have some room for brainstorming and experimenting.

Giuseppe Mazzapica, Developer at Inpsyde

Exchange as the Base for Successful Projects

One thing we learned as witnesses of the rise of WordPress as an open-source project is the value of knowledge exchange and collaboration for the success of projects. That’s why we maintain a company culture of sharing and caring. 

In our everyday work, we don’t hesitate to ask for help and document our knowledge to make it accessible to others. This way, we collected a vast amount of helpful information and tutorials within our internal blog, where every Inpsyder is allowed to share their thoughts and knowledge. For short topics and questions, we use Slack, a chat software that provides multiple channel options for different topics.

I greatly appreciate that there is such a team-friendly environment at Inpsyde. Everyone is helping each other. For example, there is a channel for development topics. If you post a question there, you’ll get help from over 40 skilled developers.

Giuseppe Mazzapica, Developer at Inpsyde

Beyond that, we support the WordPress community by publishing some of our tools as open-source resources, such as our packages for building enterprise websites. In addition, we share our knowledge and experience by holding seminars at WordCamps and other events of the WordPress community. We want to strengthen the WordPress ecosystem we so value and trust while, at the same time, giving something back.

Ready for new Challenges?

We are looking for WordPress Developers

We are searching for skilled developers who want to work in an engaging and open environment. Apply now and become part of our team!

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