In the category “Inside Inpsyde” we show who we really are: Germany’s largest WordPress agency. The key to success are our employees, we’re convinced of that. Thanks to their excellent work Inpsyde got the status WordPress VIP partner. As we work remotely, location-independent, our clients cannot get in touch with the Inpsyde family by visiting our office (which doesn’t exist). That’s why we want to introduce our employees in this blog category. Want to know more about WordPress developer Tobias Zimpel? Just keep reading.

Tobias Zimpel

Tobias Zimpel is 38 years old and lives in Bielefeld, Germany.

WordPress developer Tobias Zimpel is a passionate keyboarder.

“When I’m not programming – and I could turn one of my hobbies into a profession with that – I am probably playing songs on my keyboard and practicing for my band, going on a hike with my wife, laying sweating on the ground after a workout or watching the newest episode of Doctor Who (or a very old episode …).”

Professional development

„Working at home? I couldn’t do that!” – If I got one Euro each time somebody said that to me, I wouldn’t need to work anymore. 😉 Before working at Inpsyde, I already knew both ways of working. Besides to classic office jobs, I also worked as freelancer from home. I really enjoyed that I could work within my own four walls, in my own rhythm.

However, life as freelancer was too busy and unsteady for me. And after a personal crisis, I went different ways in life. Looking back, I would describe that time as follows:

„Well, I go now, searching for myself. If I return before I came back, tell me, I shall wait for me.”

I returned rather fast. However, I had to wait for me quite a while. During that time, I worked in the sales force round about one and a half years. It’s been a time where I achieved personally a lot – as people say, detours expand your local knowledge 🙂 However, finally I stumbled about myself and went back to WordPress and into working at an agency.

My way to Inpsyde

At that time – four or five years ago – I already wanted to work at Inpsyde. But it wasn’t the right time back then. After another unsteady time period where I had a couple of jobs, I had the chance to make a re-education as IT specialist for the development of applications. I gained a lot of trust in myself and also new professional skills. And finally I realized that programming isn’t just a job, but my passion.

So I took the opportunity to become a member of the Inpsyde family. And now, after round about three months, I can tell that this has been the best decision I could make. I can participate, my ideas are heard, and I can learn new things. Within the Inpsyde team, I work much more efficient than I ever did when I worked alone. I’m so grateful that I can work from home again and that I can organize my time the way it fits most to my life.

Working at Inpsyde inspires me to further develop myself and learn new things – as a programmer, but also as a human. And after all, that’s what drives and motivates me in life!

Questions to Inpsyder Tobias:

We asked 15 personal questions of which he should at least answer five.

Which person was your hero as a child?
Well, I never had a real hero. But the teenager book series “Burg Schreckenstein” had a huge impact on me.
What’s your favorite Happy Hour drink?
Coke or alcohol-free wheat beer. But I prefer to drink at home with friends, not in a bar.
What’s the TV show you never miss?
Doctor Who. But there is so much time between the seasons! I’m really happy that there are so many old episodes. 😀
What’s your biggest vice?
Except for crisps and pizza? 😉
Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Asterix. Smart, also without magic potion, and he always helps his friends. With magic potion, he’s invincible.
What makes you really angry?
When someone who’s important to me stops believing in her- or himself and stops fighting for his or her dreams. I get especially angry when I recognize I do that myself ^^
Which job did you do when you went to school?
Job? I would have had to leave my desk and computer. I couldn’t harm them in such a way …
What do you eat at midnight?
If I’m still awake at midnight, I will be probably that tied that I eat the nearest packet of crisps I can find.
How many pair of shoes do you have?
My wife would say, shoes are pack animals. However, my herd is rather small, it’s about 6 pair of shoes big.
Which is the last book you read?
Usually, I read a couple of books at the same time. At the moment, it’s (once again) Harry Potter, some Asterix comics (in arbitrary order), and many books about programming. At the moment, I mostly relax when reading books about programming.
What should be written on your gravestone?
Maybe the following quote by George Bernard Shaw:
You see things as they are and ask, “Why?”
I dream things as they never were and ask, “Why not?”
Which is the best present you ever got?
A simple “Yes” from my wife, last autumn <3
If you had a super power, what would that be?
The possibility to be at any place any time. Well, working at Inpsyde is quite near to that! 🙂 An improvement would be to have my own TARDIS…
Do you have a favorite karaoke song?
Well, I like to sing at home, but singing in public would probably violate the Geneva Convention …
Describe your ideal weekend.
Sleep long, and an unhurried breakfast with my wife. Then going into nature or do something with my wife. Do a hard workout. Or simply relax (which means: read books about programming or do some programming). In the evening I would probably meet friends and talk or would play AD&D. And a gig with my band from time to time. But please, not everything at the same time!

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