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As your WordPress agency partner, we will accompany you from the very beginning with comprehensive consulting and offer a wide range of services, including full development and design of websites as well as workshops, maintenance and support. 

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We create Your WordPress Experience.

Put Your Project in Experienced Hands

We are the only WordPress agency worldwide that is both, official WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner and WooExpert. Since 2006, we realize sophisticated WordPress projects.

Benefit from a Skilled Expert Team

As a pure WordPress agency, we are absolute experts in this area. Our team consists of more than 50 WordPress professionals from all over the world with extensive experience in their field.

Profit from Our Connections

We are deeply rooted in the WordPress ecosystem and work on the pulse of newest technologies. Beyond that, we cultivate strong partnerships with global players like PayPal and prominent service providers.

Get Proven High-Quality Solutions

We work with a strict code codex that we established and tested over many years. Our solutions run on many high-scale websites. Our WordPress Plugins have over 17 Mio. downloads and 2 Mio. active users.

You Need a Professional WordPress Agency to Realize Your Project?

You can Trust in Our Expertise.

As the biggest and leading pure WordPress Agency in Europe, we develop projects and plugins for the most sophisticated customers in the world. And we are honored to be the only digital agency worldwide to be both: a WordPress VIP Gold Partner Agency and verified WooExpert. Through these partnerships, we have a direct line to the WordPress and WooCommerce makers. As speakers at WordCamps and other international conferences, we are also in constant exchange with the community.

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Our Teams

Our employees are the driving force for creative ideas, efficient solutions and surprising innovations.

Our Values

We build on this – we strive for it! Our values determine who we are and how we work together.

Our Partners

Together with our partners we develop plugins for customers and the WordPress community.

FAQ – Why Inpsyde

Why is Inpsyde the Best Agency for Our WordPress or WooCommerce Project?

Our WordPress Agency consists of an interdisciplinary team of experts and provides a wide range of services from full development, implementation, and design of your WordPress project to comprehensive consulting and quality assurance.

Founded in 2006, we have many years of experience with sophisticated WordPress website projects. Thanks to our expertise, we became verified WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner and WooExperts. Our deep connection to the WordPress community enables us to work on the pulse of the newest technologies and developments in this field.

We aim for high-quality solutions that are future-proof and tailored to the specific needs of our customers. To achieve the best results, we operate according to a strict Code Codex that is continuously developed and adapted to recent developments.

While we provide solutions for every use case, there are some topics that are particularly important to us: The first one is Multilingualism. Our solution for multilingual websites and shops, MultilingualPress, runs on many high-scale projects and helps our customers expand their business and enter new markets. Furthermore, we encourage integration and accessibility by cultivating a distributed and international workforce. This enables us to work with clients from all over the world.

What Can Inpsyde Do for Us?

We trust in WordPress, which is not only the most popular CMS worldwide with a market share of more than 35% but also provides the highest level of customization. In combination with our expertise and experience, this opens up a wide range of possibilities. Depending on your needs as well as your budget and time dependencies, we will find the best solution– no workarounds, no concessions, no compromises.

Our WordPress services cover the entire spectrum of web technologies concerning websites and online shops like full development and design, consulting, relaunch with full data migration, audits and code reviews, custom WordPress Plugins, maintenance, support and training.

Do You Have References in Our Branch?

We could gain many years of experience with a wide range of WordPress use cases. Whether a company website, online shop or user platform, we know our business. You can find all our references here.

What Do We Need for a First Briefing so that We Can Get an Offer From Inpsyde?

The first step is to describe your project. Is it about a completely new site or the relaunch of an existing site? Do you have a deadline or other important time aspects that we should consider? What is your planned budget for the project? Do you need integrations to other systems? 

The second step is to define your website’s primary goals like, for example, more sales in terms of an online shop or to provide valuable information to your customers. These goals are the basis for defining the requirements and features of your website. To determine these requirements as precisely as possible, we strongly recommend setting up a specification sheet where each feature your website should have is listed. 

We also recommend you to benefit from our expertise right at the beginning of your project by using our consulting services. We worked on many projects and can recognize possible problems and obstacles along the road and give you advice on solutions that meet your needs. In this way, you minimize the risk of malinvestments and ensure that your project scope is defined correctly from the beginning. 

What Does a Website Cost at Inpsyde?

We are building professional websites for SMB up to the enterprise level ‒ basically for everybody that has professional requirements on security, stability and scalability. Our websites are an asset you can rely on for a very long time and fully adapt to your (future) requirements. In the long run, this saves you a lot of money and further relaunches. And we are here to support you with agile development, quality assurance and maintenance of your website.

The effort we put into your project is based on your requirements and our self-commitment on high-quality results. With Inpsyde, you can be sure to get the best result for a reasonable price. Of course, according to your needs, the prize of a website can differ widely. It is similar to buying a vehicle. Depending on what you need, the price varies.

How Is the Pricing of Projects Done?

In general, we offer flexible pricing depending on the requirements of the project. This means that we often use mixed pricing methods to cover all needs and combine the strength of different pricing methods while avoiding their disadvantages.  You don’t have to choose only one option when it comes to pricing. For example: 

– Fixed prices for the implementation of whole website projects if the requirements are absolutely clear
– Agile pricing based on an hourly fee for more flexibility 
– Retainer contracts for maintenance or support

How Long Will It Take to Get an Offer from Inpsyde?

Normally, we send an offer within 3-14 days after we have all the needed information. This depends on the completeness of the information and the size of the project.

How Long Will It Take to Finish Our Project?

Of course, this depends mainly on the project scope. In general, we always keep our customers informed about the project’s progress. At the beginning of our collaboration, when all requirements were clarified, we create and schedule a precise project plan. After each step, we transparently show where we stand and if we are on schedule, so you are always up to date.

How Will Communication with Inpsyde Be Handled?

Our approach is to make communication and project progress as transparent as possible while adapting our communication procedures to our clients’ needs and wishes. Therefore, we provide a fixed contact person for your project who will keep you up-to-date and answers possible questions. We usually use these tools:

– Slack for short communication like questions and organizational matters
– regularly video calls for updates on the project, to answer questions in detail, and knowledge exchange via workshops
– Atlassian Jira for tracking and documenting project tasks and progress

Will We Get Regular Updates on the Project Status?

In general, transparency is very important to us. We use certain methods and communication tools (see above) to achieve this. As a client, you decide when and how often you get updates on the project status. This will be determined at the beginning of the project and can be adjusted as needed.

Can We Add Changes or Requirements During the Implementation of the Project?

In order to deliver website projects on time, budget and value, it is essential that the project framework is mutually agreed upon and stays consistent. One of our greatest strengths is setting up a valid plan for your project in joint workshops and implementing it. 

Of course, requirements can change along the way. Therefore, we can either leave room for changes in the project plan or develop agile solutions that grant high transparency, flexibility and minimize the risk of undesirable developments.

There’s also the possibility to plan an agile budget that we use to develop the systems further. An estimate is often made to determine the budget for the minimum viable product, and an agile budget is added to this main budget to reach the next expansion stages. In this way, a website or shop can go live earlier and get extended with functions over time.

What Happens if We Are Not Satisfied With the Result?

To ensure that we meet our clients’ needs exactly, we start in general with workshops where all project requirements are defined in close cooperation. Furthermore, we offer regular communication and acceptance tests to ensure that we meet all expectations. Thanks to our in-house quality assurance and strict code standards, we provide the highest quality and functionality.

In case you are not satisfied with the result, we will have a close look together at what has been communicated and agreed upon. If something is unclear or not enough defined, we will find a fair solution to lead the project to success. In general, we strive to have a long-term relationship with our clients. Therefore, we aim to find mutual solutions on fair terms.

Can Inpsyde Take Care of the Maintenance of the Website?

Yes, we provide flexible maintenance contracts that are tailored to the needs of our clients. If needed, maintenance is usually defined as one of the project requirements in the planning phase at the beginning. In case you wish to be as independent as possible from Inpsyde after the realization of the project, we will implement solutions that provide particular high usability as well as documentation and workshops to give your staff all necessary information on how to work with the new environment. Of course, this impacts project planning and, above all, the solutions used.

Can You Help us with the Migration of Our Content?

Data migration is one of our main competencies. We have many years of experience with content migration to WordPress from various Content Management Systems.

Here are some client references concerning data migration projects:

Can Inpsyde Help Us with SEO?

In general, we create websites that are optimized for search engines in terms of code and site architecture. We also offer consulting services that cover many topics, including advice on helpful SEO plugins and WordPress setups. Furthermore, we can train your staff in workshops to familiarize them with all the important search engine optimization strategies. With us as your partner, your website is prepared optimally for a good SEO ranking. 

Can You Train Our Team in WordPress or WooCommerce?

Yes, we provide several workshops to train your staff so that they all are on the same level and know how to manage their tasks in a WordPress environment.

We offer workshops for beginners as well as for advanced WordPress users. Of course, we also provide individual workshops to cover all topics that you need to get started.

Do You Also Use Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Typo3, Sitecore or any Other CMS?

We are a pure WordPress agency and therefore trust in WordPress when realizing sophisticated projects. Our focus on WordPress makes us real experts in our field. This is how we became verified WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner and WooExperts. But, of course, we offer data migration from other CMS to WordPress.

Where is Your Agency Based?

Our WordPress agency has its official headquarter based in Germany. But we do not have a fixed office. We work completely remote since the beginning and employ more than 80 employees worldwide, including all timezones.

We cultivate a distributed working environment because we are convinced that this kind of work culture not only boosts productivity and the satisfaction of our employees but also supports accessibility and integration. 

In this way, we enable everyone in the world to work with us, regardless of location, since we are experienced in distributed communication and established corresponding communication channels and workflows that we adapt to our customers’ needs and wishes.

You want us to create your WordPress experience?

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