Advent time – for kids, it’s a time of happiness and tension. It’s the time of restless waiting until Christmas Eve. In Germany, we invented something really great to help children overcome the long time of waiting: the Advent Calendar. Since 19th century, we hang up 24 socks, boxes or pictures with 24 little doors to open. In these socks, boxes or behind the doors, little surprises like sweets await the children. On December 1st, you open the first box, on December 2nd, you open the second box – until Christmas Eve. But – Advent Calendars are not only great for kids. Actually, they’re made for everyone waiting for Christmas to come! Wish to have an Advent calendar now? Great! We made a WordPress Advent Calendar 2017 for you to sweeten your time!

In 2009 we already started the Advent Calendar for WordPress Fans on our old blog wpeningeer.

WordPress Advent Calendar 2017 – What you can expect

From December 1st till December 24th, 24 surprises will wait in our blog. That means that you get one WordPress tip each day. We prepared detailed tutorials, plugins, vouchers – and some tips and how we work at our agency. 🙂  All of us put our thoughts together to offer an interesting mixture.

You wonder why we explained how an Advent Calendar works? Well, then you either live in the German-speaking area or in a country where our tradition is known. But not everyone in any country is familiar with the tradition of Advent Calendars. Nevertheless we want everyone to understand what’s it all about.

You’re familiar with other traditions to prepare for Christmas? For you, it’s a day like any other day? What do you think about our WordPress Advent Calendar 2017? We’re happy about your opinion and your feedback.

Our Advent Calender Posts 2017:

  1. Web Analysis: WordPress Google Tag Manager – New Plugin made by Inpsyde
  2. Inpsyde Menu Cache: The Secret Art of Caching WordPress Menus
  3. Application Report: Development with Windows Subsystem for Linux
  4. An Introduction into WordPress Acceptance Testing with Codeception
  5. The WordPress Caching System WPStash – flexible and easy
  6. Surprise: BackWPup PRO 30% Advent Discount
  7. WordPress edit Navigation Menus – Add more Fields with Package
  8. Working Remotely Experience Report: Remote on the Road
  9. Unit Tests for PHP Code … Without WordPress Loading – Part 1
10. 8 Project Communication Tips for a healthy Working Atmosphere
11. WordPress Software Quality: Where Flexibility gives way to Reliability
12. Surprise: 30% MultilingualPress Advent Discount
13. WordPress Plugins Unit Tests … Without Loading WordPress – Part 2
14. How to do PHP Code Refactoring with PhpStorm
15. SCRUM | Waterfall – Project Organization classic and agile Methods
16. Future of Payment Methods: Online Shops Development
17. Optimize Productivity: WIN THE MORNING – WIN THE DAY! The 4:30am Challenge.
18. Surprise: BackWPup PRO 20 % Advent Discount – Only Today!
19. How to remove WordPress Hooks that use Closures and Object Methods
20. Log Management with Graylog: Send log events to Graylog
21. Future of Work: Work 4.0 – Remote Work as new Working Model?
22. Surprise: MultilingualPress 20% Advent discount
23. WordPress Multisite introduction and WordPress Multisite functionalities
24. We wish you a Merry Christmas! – Inpsyde annual review 2017


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