I must be honest, I had absolutely no idea what a WordCamp is like until WCEU 2018 in Belgrade. I have always expected people from around the world catching up to share their passion about WordPress; contribute to and speak about WordPress – have fun together! But I have to admit you don’t know what a WordCamp is until you participate. This is my WordCamp Europe Experience.

You cross that threshold and see all the people around the tables with their computer and you breath in, look around and see all the people you ever wanted to meet! Then you feel the energy in the air and even in that moment when you think you finally understand what it is all about, you won’t imagine, you cannot imagine what will happen. You’re not prepared. Welcome to WordCamp Europe!

My WordCamp Europe Experience: At any time!

The impressions, feelings and pure happiness you experience during a WordCamp is impossible to describe in words or capture in pictures! It’s something that you feel under your skin, deeply. Some kind of power that flows into your veins, and even in that moment you are not realizing, you are simply following that energy. Every fear of failure, every doubts or problem vanishes.

I have learned more in a couple of days at the WordCamp Europe than in 5 years I stayed bent over books to study, and I’m not talking about WordPress or programming, I’m talking about me as a person and how I have always seen others. I met inspirational people, developers I have admired and have been a point of reference during these years and everyone welcomes you with open arms. The people’s kindness is incredible: they help wherever they can, spread their knowledge and offer their friendships without asking for anything in return.

For four days I completely forgot my problems, my blocking thoughts that are trying to put me down every day. I realized that we are all a family with the same objectives, we help each other and grow up together for a better future. I truly believe that and want to be part of this kind of world.

This is my personal experience at the WordCamp Europe and I’ll never forgot it.

In conclusion, don’t stay at home and think about what a WordCamp could be like, don’t do the same mistake I did! Grab the ticket, get the flight! And live the best experience in your life that never will be the same after!

And as conclusion a short question-and-answer game with Guido:

What surprised you the most about the WordCamp?
The food – it’s difficult to meet everyone’s expectations and diet requirements. Even at such a big event they offer vegetarian and vegan food. It is really appreciated and reflects the spirit of WordPress.
How long was the WordCamp and did you stay for the whole time?
The WordCamp was 3 days, one of contribution and two of talks and workshop. I arrived a day earlier to meet some of my colleagues, it was the first time I met them.
For everyone, who has never attended a WordCamp, what can they expect?
A mesmerizing atmosphere. Btw, don’t expect to sleep too much, may seems a vacation but it’s not XD
What type of people would you recommend a WordCamp?

Every kind of people, from developers and professional bloggers to the simple users that browse the internet.
I guess everyone could benefit attending at a WordCamp because WordPress isn’t only for developers, but also for designers, video makers, people that take care of accessibility and usability and people that want to translate plugins/theme and WordPress in their language.

Even the people that simply navigate to internet can learn a lot by a WordCamp.

Do you have an advice for newbies?

Yep. Go to a WordCamp, stop reading this 🙂

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  1. David1

    Hey Guido,
    thanks for the post. What you describe meets exactly my experience with attending WordCamps.

    It was great to have finally met you in person 🙂

    1. Guido2

      Thank you David,

      it was a pleasure to met you in person too.

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