Did you already notice? Maybe in our new version of BackWPup? Maybe on Facebook? Or maybe on Twitter? We even advertised in job boards. You know why we’re doing this? We want you in our team!

We search for PHP developers who know all about their job and yearn for challenging projects. Sounds interesting? Look, we have a special offer for you!

As Inpsyder, you can expect …

… and remote work!

Imagine – Alternative 1

You have a cozy flat or a comfortable house and you simply love it, don’t you? You care for your home and spend a lot of time there. If there wasn’t your job tying you up at another place five days a week. That’s a place being a lot more impersonal than your beloved home. This place is your current workplace. Now imagine you weren’t forced to leave your own four walls because of your job. Imagine, your job was at your home and you needn’t spend any lifetime driving to and from your workplace.

Sounds interesting to you? Then, apply now as PHP developer!

Imagine – Alternative 2

Actually, you want to travel around and discover the world. But there is something tying you up at one place: That is your job. And you need the money to travel. Therefore, you stay at that place – there, where your job is. You save money for your dream. And you save it and keep on doing it. Time goes by, and you still save money for your dream moving further into distance as your savings account doesn’t seem to keep the money. (At least, you want to live comfortable and buy some stuff for that.) Well, the years pass away and your dream fades. A sad thought, isn’t it? We offer an alternative: Work at Inpsyde! As we work remote, you can take your job at your world trip!

Are you a PHP developer? Then, take your chance now – we search for someone with your qualifications!

Not a PHP developer, but interested?

You read till the end of this blog entry, although, you aren’t a PHP developer? What about an unsolicited application? Maybe you’re still studying and are planning your future at the moment? Working students are always welcome!

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