The Inpsyde family searches for a theme developer! You have good knowledge or are expert in PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, HTML and CSS? You want to create tailor-made WordPress Themes for global players? When you finished your work, the page speed goes through the ceiling? You’re self-organized? And you want to work remote completely?

At the moment, you search for a job or can imagine accepting a convincing job offer? Okay, we will give our best, because we want you as theme developer! In the following, we will give a short introduction of us, Germany’s largest WordPress agency.

Inpsyde as employer

Our working method is outstanding. We work remote completely, which means that we as agency don’t have a fixed office somewhere. Instead, our employees work where they like living the most: In Damme, in Rome, in Erkelenz, on Sicily, in Eisenach, in the USA and at many more beautiful places in the world. Well, and that’s why you need to have good English skills, as we communicate mostly in English.

Well, working at Inpsyde means that you can be very flexible. Instead of driving to work every day, you can set up your office just near by. And in case you want to move, you can simply put your job in a suitcase. You see, working here means that your center of life isn’t bound to your workplace. You have the freedom to decide where you want to live.

Of course you need to be able to work very self-organized, otherwise, remote work doesn’t work. Moreover, you need to discipline yourself. And we want employees who can communicate in a clear and comprehensible way, because talking to other Inpsyders means chatting and having video conferences. For the feel-good atmosphere, we set up time slots for private chatting, for example the so-called fleece meeting every friday afternoon. It replaces the office tattle.

We’re convinced of WordPress and the open source concept. More than 12 years ago, we grew out of the German WordPress community. Ever since, we have the approach of professionality and quality in each and every project. That’s why clients like Bernina or Facebook rely on us. And that’s why we work with international partners like PayPal.  We’re extremely proud of the fact that the WordPress core developers of Automattic value our work. They made us WordPress VIP partners. And WooCommerce made us WooExperts Gold partner, which underlines our expertise in building online stores.

Well, this was just a short presentation of us as employer. Take a look at our job page to get more information.

Theme developer at Inpsyde

You have experience with …

  • using Git and SVN.
  • working with modern dependency managers & task runners.
  • in automated testing.
  • using modern CSS & HTML

You want to:

  • Develop WordPress themes and templates primarily using PHP by using API’s delivered by our Plugin developers?
  • Develop tailor-made high-performance maintainable and secure themes for our customers?

Apply now as theme developer and become an Inpsyder!

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