In this article, we want to introduce Marina Mesha. She is part of the Inpsyde Support Team since January 2020. With her kind personality and great language skills, Marina is the perfect candidate to complement our team of support specialists. We are very happy to welcome her at Inpsyde!

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This is Marina Mesha

Marina is 29 years old and lives in Rome, Italy.

Inpsyde Support Specialist Marina Mesha sitting outside of an italian café

I love living in Rome. I’ve been here for 7 years now. It’s a great city. Originally I am Russian, born in Kazakhstan (when it was part of the Soviet Union), and now I really enjoy the warm climate in Italy. And, of course, the delicious food!

How can you be described?

I am a person with many interests. One of them is studying languages. I speak English, Italian and have started to learn German. I think my passion for languages started when I was a teenager. At that time, I listened to English songs and wanted to understand the meaning of the lyrics. So, I printed them and started translating. And before I moved to Italy, I learned Italian. You know, they say that the first language is difficult to learn, but the second one is much easier and that’s true. You just need a good teacher and some time to invest.

I am also passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle. I regularly train at the gym. It’s important to me to feel good with my body. So, I take care of it. I try to avoid fast food and such, but sometimes I make an exception because I like baking and sweets in general. When it comes to sports, I think there’s nothing more impressive than professional bodybuilding. For me, it’s the epitome of discipline since it is a lot of work and it’s not only a sport, but also a lifestyle because you have to practice a very conscious nutrition and take care of your body. I have tried many sports like yoga and dancing. But it is different with bodybuilding. It just took me. Maybe, one day, I will take part in a competition.

Another passion of mine is psychology. This was always an interesting topic for me, especially describing and understanding human behavior and cognition. So, I read many articles and books about psychology. It never gets boring. Another reason why I spend much time with this topic is because living in harmony is very important to me. To achieve that, I try to understand and question myself. And I try to consciously decide who I want to be and what I want to do.

How do you spend your spare time?

Of course with my family, I have 2 kids and I enjoy so much to show them new things, new places and see them happy.

I also enjoy going to the cinema or theater. I mainly prefer comedy. For relaxation, I listen to music (for example rock) and read. And I love visiting new places or just staying near home and having a walk at the sea which is only about 20 minutes by foot from our house.

Marina’s way to Inpsyde

I studied interior and graphic design, and then worked in a little advertising company. After that, I gained some experience as an esthetician in a beauty center. When I moved to Italy, I studied web design and worked as a freelance web designer.

I’m so happy to have the possibility to go back to work now after being a full-time mom for a few years. Inpsyde is perfect for me because I can work from home and manage my time in a better way. Furthermore, it is a great experience to work with an international team. In this way, I can practice my language skills. I also like talking to people, and helping with solving problems. And I love the possibility to improve my skills about business, tech and management.

Questions to Inpsyder Marina

We asked Marina a few personal questions to give you the chance to learn more about her:

What makes you really angry?
What is your favorite movie?
The Devil’s Advocate.
Describe your ideal weekend.
Wake up not too early, and then have breakfast with my family in the bakery. It’s a kind of family tradition we do every weekend.
What was your first reaction when you were given firm offer by Inpsyde?
What did you want to be when you were a child?
While watching which movie did you cry the most?
Titanic, but I tend to cry when watching emotional movies in general.
Superman, Batman, or Spiderman?

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* Many thanks to John Rodenn Castillo for the photo we used in the header section of his text.

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