Become the most helpful brand for your audience!

If we have a question today, we often turn to search engines first. We decide in seconds who gets our attention: only the page that fully serves our interest. Become that very first point of contact in your industry – with the help of customized content marketing and search engine optimization! SEO helps your website drive traffic, and excellent website content ensures that traffic isn’t the only metric of success.

Content Marketing

Convince your audience with exceptionally helpful content. Because inbound marketing is the future!

Digital PR

Make your brand a name that people know. Show what you stand for through targeted promotion on relevant websites and gain not only customers – but fans – through your positioning.

Technology & User Experience

The key to success? Perfect content + perfect UX! Rely on professional technical optimization and excellent user experience.

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Why SEO & Content Marketing?  

The most successful companies are those that don’t just make nice promises, but instead get down to business and actively help people. That’s exactly what you achieve with user-centric content marketing. Search engine optimization rounds off the content strategy: SEO makes your content more visible in organic Google search results.

A strong brand: your most important pillar

Consumers today are very critical – every brand has to earn their attention. Stand out from all the noise by offering the right assistance at the right time. By doing so, you’ll show that your brand has earned trust and give your target audience a good reason to return in the future. Because trends come and go, but one thing never changes: good experiences build trust.

More visibility = more attention

The top rankings in Google search are hotly contested. For good reason, they get a lion’s share of the attention. Secure your place on page 1 through sustainable search engine optimization and count on more website traffic – not just for a week or a month, but for the long term.

Data-based decision making

Numbers don’t lie. Rely on a strategic approach that is not based on market trends and gut feelings, but on crystal-clear data analyses. With a solid data base, you always optimize where it makes the most sense. Step by step, your brand becomes the first port of call in your niche –there is no more sustainable strategy!

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About our partner

Through search engine optimization and content marketing, Evergreen Media helps brands build and reinforce a strong image. The SEO-focused content marketing agency has made it its goal to implement the best possible user experience at all levels for its clients’ websites. Because this is the only way to convince target groups and search engine algorithms – user-centricity is not only the future, but already the present!

Google Core Web Vitals: How Important are they for SEO?

Google evaluates its Core Web Vitals from May 2021 as ranking signals. Georg Griesser from Evergreen Media explains what this means for search engine optimization (SEO) of websites and how to secure the top position in the search results for the future.

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