Data Migration to WordPress without Downtime and Data Loss

Data migration is more than the transfer of files, databases, and storage systems. It can also mean the development of new websites or changing the content management system. The migration process also refers to the allocation and transformation of the source and target data. Furthermore,  data quality should be checked in advance: Is a migration worthwhile at all, and how much effort is involved? 

Data Check

We provide comprehensive advice on migration possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages, by checking interfaces and your current data.

Data Migration

We migrate all relevant data stocks to WordPress without downtime and data loss thanks to our straightforward and transparent migration and security concept, schedule, and fixed contact persons.


After successful data migration, your teams can seamlessly move to the new system.

Move all Data to WordPress, Carefully Preserved

We know all content management or shop systems like the back of our hands, so whichever one you have relied on so far ‒ we can move your digital data reliably.

Our Case Study on Data Migration

“Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH” is one of the most important German-speaking publishers of popular science journals and content. Their publishing portfolio includes the monthly magazines “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”, “Gehirn und Geist”, “Sterne und Weltraum”. This portfolio also includes the weekly digital publication “Spektrum die Woche” and various digital offerings and platforms. Their knowledge portal is the portal with the broadest reach in the popular science segment.

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