An Audit Creates Clarity and Eliminates Weaknesses

An audit puts websites and code to the test and checks all parameters that are important for the smooth operation and success of a website. We create a comprehensive problem analysis with clear recommendations for action, which you can use for the further development of your website.

Our bugfixers, security experts and speed fans are already in the starting blocks.

Audits Structure the Cooperation

“Many roads lead to Rome” is a well-known saying. Just as varied is the approach to the implementation of requirements in web development. Because: For every challenge there are many different solutions.

That is why we focus on clear structures and processes in our projects in order to achieve an optimal result for our customers. The first step to a successful project is an audit.


You have a concrete request or a problem that needs to be solved. We discuss with you what the solution could look like and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages with you.


During the audit, we thoroughly examine your WordPress infrastructure to determine the cause of your problem and develop a solution strategy.


We develop the agreed solutions and make them available to you for testing and acceptance in a test environment. When everything is ok, we put the solution live.

What happens in an audit?

We check your WordPress version, plugin code and loading speed for problems or potential for improvement. From this, we determine suitable solutions and implement them according to your specifications. No matter what challenge you are facing: with our clearly defined audit processes, we will find the right solution for you!

Security audit

We uncover potential security vulnerabilities of your website.

Performance audit

We detect speed bottlenecks and ensure faster loading times.

Technical audit

We ensure an up-to-date and tidy back-end that runs smoothly and without problems.

WordPress audit

We subject theme and plugin codes to a quality check. On request, we will also be happy to advise you on suitable alternatives or build a custom plugin ourselves.

Workflow audit

We optimize your workflows for maintenance, updates and the input of new content.

Our Cooperation Starts with an Audit

With new projects or the takeover of external projects it is difficult to make serious statements about expenses without knowing the technical conditions in detail. Nobody can know whether problems will arise with the change of the system or whether new requirements will become important in the course of the project.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we therefore conduct an audit to determine which infrastructure is available and which plugins are in use. In this way we create a basis on which we can build. With this technical overview and the details of the project we can provide competent consulting and concepts for existing systems.

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