Data Interfaces for Digital Transformation

Data interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) ensure a smooth data flow between your applications, systems, and departments. They also enable automated processes and thus give your employees more time for critical tasks.

Third-Party System

We analyze your current CMS, already existing and still missing data interfaces and APIs.

Interface Concept

We create an interface concept tailored to your needs.

Integrated System

WordPress successfully integrates into your business processes as a powerful CMS.

From Individual Software Solutions to Integrated Systems

We seamlessly connect WordPress to your enterprise resource planning (ERP), product information management (PIM), customer relationship management (CRM), and media asset management (MAM) systems, thus  ensuring  your new content management system adapts to your needs and workflows. Whether controlling, sales or marketing ‒ your data is always available throughout the company and already adjusted to all departments’ requirements.

From Interface Concept to Automated Processes

From API connections to your databases and deployed software solutions to the import, export, and preparation of your data ‒ we develop tailor-made interfaces for your data workflows and an optimally networked system.

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