WordPress is made for security

But checking the WordPress website security and the server environment from time to time is very important to ensure a high website security. Well, you check whether your door locks close correctly, don’t you? Then also lock your server and keep your software up to date to prevent your system being compromised by external threats.

  • Would you leave the front door unlocked when you go out?
  • Or do you tell just anyone the PIN on your credit card?
  • Would you hand a stranger your wallet to do with as he pleases?
  • Do you use insecure passwords for your email and user accounts?

Surely not! Or do you? No, of course not.


You want a secure server environment and up-to-date systems?

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Protecting your servers

WordPress is made for security. Most back doors are opened because of incorrect server settings or badly programmed plugins or themes.

Protecting your environment

Secure any possible back doors with multiple bolts, keep your software up to date and create as many hurdles as you can.

Recognizing malware

You need to recognize and prevent unwanted changes created by third parties early, in order to prevent economic setbacks or damage to your reputation.

You won’t leave your car unlocked – shouldn’t you also safeguard your servers and WordPress?

Your web servers and websites must be properly protected and all data in your web-based applications must be transferred and stored safely. Data protection means that information must not be readily accessible. You will, therefore, need a security concept that protects your web environment against external attacks and truly protects the information of all parties involved.

The solution is a safety concept which protects your web environment against attacks from the outside and really saves the data of all parties. But how to protect your web server, WordPress, and data on the internet, you wonder? Your daily operations don’t leave you enough time to take care of these tasks and settings?

And here’s the solution: Your WordPress agency No. 1. We’re here for you. With us, you have a highly secure system by your side.

With the professional web agency Inpsyde you have a high website security.
WordPress is not the problem here – incorrect server settings are!

Protect yourself against attacks you don’t even know about

  • WordPress disguised: Hide the WordPress version currently in use to make attacks on the system much more difficult.
  • Data access limitations: Folders and files often have unnecessarily broad or incorrect write permissions.
  • Security audit: We will test every last detail of your WordPress websites and present you with a targeted action plan.
  • Login authentication: Safeguard your WordPress login with BasicAuth, 2FA or reCaptcha authentication.
  • Daily backups: Be prepared for the worst – make sure you can fall back on backup resources.
  • Password check: All passwords are checked and set to high security where necessary.
  • Brute force protection: Limit the number of failed login attempts and block specific IP addresses from login altogether.
  • Regular updates & maintenance: We will keep your WordPress and your plugins always up to date and reduce the risk of security gaps to a minimum.

Backups with BackWPup

Having an up to date backup of your current web application is half the battle! Use BackWPup! It will have you sleeping soundly. The all-in-one backup solution for WordPress! Your security with an extra safety net.

Website BackWPup


WordPress Security: Security audit and code review

Our WordPress core developers will review the source code of your system, your plugins, themes and then provide you with a transparent list and assessment of weaknesses facilitated by the implemented software. You will receive detailed countermeasures or safe alternatives.

Would you like to contact us to have a thoroughly audit of your WordPress installation? Write us an email at hello@inpsyde.com or contact us via ourcontact form.

An audit allows us to check every last detail of your WordPress websites and web shops. Often it is not WordPress that is causing the problem, but other factors like badly programmed themes or plugins. In quite a few cases themes and plugins with the label “premium” are unfortunately not the results of premium programming or implementation. Then a WordPress security audit reveals all the weaknesses of your web servers, implemented themes and installed and activated plugins. That in itself harbors the danger that arbitrarily installed plugins may unwittingly open doors for hackers.

The advantages of an audit of your WordPress environments:

  • You know the weaknesses of your website
  • Safety of your and your customers’ information
  • Improved security
  • Downtime protection for your website
  • Concrete action recommendations
  • The integrity of your system environment

You want us to put your WordPress installation to its paces? Then simply contact us!