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  • Your current website is too static or the content management system isn’t flexible enough?
  • You want to open a web shop and WooCommerce and WordPress are just what you are looking for, because you want to take advantage of the benefits of a complete system?
  • Your website loads too slowly or urgently needs a responsive view for smartphones?
  • You want to publish content easily and flexibly – at the moment it is all taking up way too much time?
  • You want to be able to utilize your CMS, not just operate it?
  • Your current website was hacked or is no longer up to date in terms of technology?

You want a secure server environment and up-to-date systems?

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Relaunch of your website

You are planning a relaunch of your website or web shop? Get Inpsyde on board: We are WordPress pros!

Your new web shop

You want to connect your website content with your shop products and you want to use WooCommerce to do it? You have come to the right place!

Achieving your objectives

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Expertise for your website relaunch with WordPress

Maybe one of the above mentioned reasons has been your trigger to think about a website relaunch. Now you need to find a professional partner who supports and implements your project. And of course you need a secure and future-proof CMS.

We can offer both. For already more than 10 years, we gain experience as agency for web development and work on the basis of WordPress. The fact that we are Germany’s first and only VIP partner of WordPress proves our experience in WordPress. As WooExperts Gold Partner of WooCommerce, one of the most popular shop systems, we are also marked as professional online shop agency.

  • We will take you through your relaunch step by step from the very start
  • Support for your WordPress theme development
  • Migration of your third-party system data to WordPress
  • Server configuration and provider selection
  • Development of custom WordPress plugins
  • Completion and rollout of your projects

Website Relaunch. A clear project framework


The web agency Inpsyde offers the professional WordPress relaunch of your website.When starting to rework your existing content, many questions will arise. We’re going to answer all of them right at the beginning! That’s because we need to think about many factors for the concept of your new website:

  • Objectives and strategy of your website
  • Target group(s)
  • Web shop integration
  • Layout, look and effect of your site
  • Content generation or data application
  • Visitor numbers and target measurement
  • Multilingual Content
  • Web app or native app as supplement
  • Technical system environment and web server
  • Deadline

Project phases for a successful website:

Start: Competitor analysis
Identification of competitors and market players, combined with an analysis of the market.

1. Strategy development
Definition of a project strategy as the guiding light for decision-making.

2. Defining target groups
It is important that the market can find you and your products, and that you are clear about who your target group is and how you can reach them.

3. Website concept and information architecture
What will the sitemap for your website look like and what content is presented in what format.

4. Usability
A modern website, portal or web shop should utilize the latest technologies and combine popular functionalities with user-friendly processes.

5. Content
Content is not just the most important part – it must also be continuously renewed, linked and meaningfully structured. Be the fulfiller of wishes or the solver of problems for your target group. Offer content that helps your visitors.

6. Design and Appearance
Obviously, taste is very subjective. Of course you should like the design – but it should also be geared towards the target group and the target definition.

7. Technical Search Engine Optimization
The basic requirements for well readable texts, both for the visitors as well as for the search engines.

8. Overall technical Concept
The project specifications (created by the client) form the basis for the technical specifications (created by the contractor), from which the functionalities to be developed will be derived. An essential project step that should never be left out.

9. Reflection an ongoing improvement
Nothing is more constant than change. A successful website is never completely finished: technical aspects, new developments and changes are external factors that nobody can control. You can, however, carry out improvements and adjustments on your web projects in order to continuously improve.

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