Sales are what web shops are all about: Make things easy for your customers!

Making sure a visitor to your web shop makes a purchase depends on a variety of factors:

  • Product selection and presentation
  • Usability and product search
  • Easy and quick checkout
  • Payment options and procedures
  • Availability and error-free operation of the shop
  • Delivery costs and options
  • Detailed product descriptions and testimonials
  • Professionalism of the provider, security (e.g. SSL encryption) and privacy
  • Legal certainty and technical requirements
  • Service performance, e.g. cancellation, goods return and exchange, personal advice
  • Online and offline marketing: It makes no sense to open a shop and tell nobody about it!

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Legal Certainty

Be on the safe side in terms of technology. There are many technical obstacles and legal changes for shop operators – all of which can be handled with ease with our solutions.

More sales

Increase the speed of your web shop and your customers’ trust – your sales figures will grow and you will have happy customers coming back to you.

Improve usability

Optimize usability for your visitors – making the shopping experience easy means it is more enjoyable.

A WordPress web shop in 5 minutes? Not quite.

The much talked about “5-minute WordPress installation” may be a fact. And installing a WooCommerce shop doesn’t take long either. Taking the above to be true, then it is also a fact that installing a website or a web shop with WordPress is pretty easy. But what about the overall concept?

What about a strategy for the shop? Have you based everything right from the start on solid technology? Moreover: Have you taken into account and provided for all the legal pitfalls and have you visualized each of the individual workflows? What payment providers do you want to make available for your customers and what logistics provider makes the most sense? Do you want to build trust with your customers by providing SSL encryption and displaying a Trusted Shops seal? Do you want to connect your web shop with your ERP system and if yes – what is the best system and how does data get exchanged?

Can you answer all these questions after the “5-minute installation” of your WordPress online shop? Not quite.

Start your own WordPress web shop: With WordPress and WooCommerce, you can create individual WordPress online shop.

A WordPress web shop has many facets – let us help you address them all!

Allow us to accompany you on the journey towards creating your professional web shop based on WordPress and WooCommerce. Many of the following details will have to be taken into account:

  • Legal certainty in Germany, e.g. with WooCommerce German Market oder Germanized (Note: You will still need competent advice from your legal counsel. Internet agencies are not permitted to offer legal advice!)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Semantic data for rich snippet searches on Google & Co.
  • Performance is everything (amazon is a great example: Just 1 second more load time for the shop means a €1.6 billion loss in revenue)
  • SSL implementation
  • TrustedShop: Preparation for and implementation of the certification
  • Professional shop themes
  • Ticket systems with ticket generation
  • Community integration (paid membership)
  • Generation of job confirmations from orders with barcodes or QR codes in PDF format
  • Upstream implementation of forms and other fields in the checkout process
  • Integration in your ERP, CRM or PIM
  • Payment interface integration
  • Professional payment interface plugins
  • A/B testing
  • and many other requirements …

WooCommerce for your WordPress online shop

You will, of course, have to include all these factors in the overall concept. Make sure to develop your web shop concept professionally ahead of time and rely on an experienced web agency. Stand out from your competitors by offering explanatory videos, plenty of product details and testimonials. Don’t be afraid to advertise your products with self-composed texts.

A relaunch of your shop may require a migration or adaptation of your existing data. Target groups may have changed, you may need to add or replace specific product areas. You may also want to transfer order or customer information to your ERP system via interface and API to process the order management there. In terms of technology, there are plenty of options to optimize your business processes and increase the turnover of your web shop.