You want to migrate all your existing data to WordPress?

  • You want to migrate your entire current editorial system to WordPress?
  • And finally want to be able to use the many brilliant WordPress advantages?
  • You want to update your web environment to the latest and most invulnerable state of technology and carry out a relaunch?

You want us as your partner for the migration of your existing system to WordPress?

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Third-party system

You already have a system, but want to take advantage of the much more flexible WordPress. What you need is a competent person to talk to, who has all the necessary know-how.


Once we have analyzed your third-party system, we will create a migration concept, define data field types and their synchronizations and then take you through it all step by step.

Solution: WordPress

Once the migration is complete, you will be working comfortably with the newly set up WordPress and will have completed your first step towards a future-proof system.

Rely on a dynamic and flexible system

“Pre-formulated industry texts, get started without prior programming knowledge.” Many providers try to suggest with these seemingly positive arguments that operating a website or a web shop requires absolutely no knowledge. In some use cases that may be true.

You’re a professional supplier of goods and services? Then you will, however, soon learn that this really isn’t the case. You will become painfully aware of that fact that once your business begins to grow and you need to adapt your website or web shop to your specific requirements or work processes. When you want to expand or are required by law to do so. Making compromises when choosing your system is therefore not a good idea, because you need a system that is flexible and functions the way you want it to instead of you needing to adapt to it.

Move to WordPress and your web presence becomes more lucid. Migrate to WordPress with all your installations!
The right system for your future is a future-proof system

WordPress: A flexible, dynamic system

From now on, you want to put your trust in a system that doesn’t restrict you? You want a system which can be adapted easily and safely and will grow alongside your business? That’s why you search for a competent partner to migrate to WordPress?

Don’t compromise when choosing a system that shall work the way you want – choose WordPress.

You want us as your partner for the migration of your existing system to WordPress?

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Migrate to WordPress – all your data are maintained

With a customized WordPress system, you stay flexible and can move all your data to WordPress. The type of content management system or shop system you worked with before has no impact on the migration process. All digital data can be migrated and adapted to suit your requirements. The list of other CMS from which we have previously migrated data successfully is long.

Our many years of experience and the solid know-how of our team ensures transparent and open migration projects. We will provide you with insights into the advantages and disadvantages of certain methods, cleaning processes and the seamless acquisition of your existing data. We offer support for data migrations from various content management and shop systems to WordPress and WooCommerce:

Typo3 CMS
Neos CMS

Oxid eShop

Zen Cart

Migrate to WordPress – Your flexible system!

This list can be added to without restrictions – data migrations are possible from virtually any other system. Due to our long-time experience and the know-how of our employees you can rely on transparent and open migration processes.

Ihre Datenmigration auf WordPress ist mit uns kein Problem!

Of course, we give an insight into the benefits and disadvantages of several approaches. An additional advantage: you can clean up your existing data stocks or consolidate data from various individual systems. All we need is access to your data to start our analysis. The implementation of a concept and an audit are standard before carrying out a migration.