WordPress interfaces – Data exchange for added value activation

Your requirements for interfaces and system connections are highly varied, abstract and customized surely:

  • You want to connect your website to a PIM (Product Information System) or MAM (Media Asset Management system)?
  • When relaunching you want to apply existing data and structures to the new Content Management System?
  • Moreover you want data for analysis to be collated and presented differently for different departments?
  • You want to synchronize the inventory, orders and customer data from your web shop with your ERP via its API
  • Or you want to export your price list for trading partners overnight in PDF and XML format and make it available via the extranet?
  • You want a periodic import of your newsletter subscribers into your CRM (Customer Relations Management)?
  • Interfaces for apps (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebApps), smartphones, SmartWatches, Smart TVs and wearables is a nice to have?
  • You want various Cron jobs implemented for data synchronization?

Congratulations! You just found your partner to be! Let us explain why.


You want an interface point for your ERP, PIM or other third-party systems via an API?

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Third-party system

You already have a system, but want to take advantage of the much more flexible WordPress. What you need is a competent person to talk to, who has all the necessary know-how.


Once we have analyzed your third-party system and its API, we will create an interface concept you can work with.

Solution: WordPress

Periodic data consolidations will allow you to work comfortable with your system or WordPress and will allow you to optimize your processes.

WordPress integration: Limitless application options with WordPress interfaces

We can add plenty more scenarios to the above examples. They show the importance of smooth and reliable interfaces.  WooCommerce SAP or WordPress SAP integrations – all of these are possible.

WordPress interfaces: WordPress SAP, WooCommerce SAP, WordPress enterprise resource planning - the WordPress agency creates individual WordPress integrations.
Interfaces for ERP, PIMs and other third-party systems

You yourself know how varied system environments can be and how data flows must be exchanged within your company to be relevantly prepared for specific target groups or applications. Recipients in different departments expect data with different content, supplemented with diagrams or as a CSV file for use in Microsoft Excel.

WordPress integration: Connection to shop systems and ERPs

More and very varied requirements, data flows and workflows are created in the mass processing of e.g. portal data of your users. This data is an important asset, and in many cases essential capital for system expansions and new features.

How can you make the most of your data? Which interfaces do you need to connect your data usefully? Which system is the leading one?

We answer and clarify these questions and issues within the scope of a technical workshop.  In doing so, we specify which data will be transferred from where to where. We would like to explain WordPress’s benefits because we work on the basis of this system. Moreover we would like to explain how and when a data migration is implemented.

We would be very proud to provide the support you need for your specific data workflows with fitting database interfaces. No matter whether for imports or exports of your data or API integrations in your ERP: We create your interconnected system with flawless interfaces.

Interfaces and data migration often belong together, especially when you think about changing your CMS. If you like, we can also assist you in the migration of your outdated WordPress versions to the latest version and at the same time update taxonomies and categories to new functionalities. We move data to new data structures and data types or migrate data from various database types and data formats like SQL, CSV, XML, Excel, etc. If you have any further questions about your WordPress integration, don’t hesitate to ask.