Audits bring clarity and perspective

An audit of your websites can be meaningful for a variety of reasons. Audits is useful when:

  • The website is sluggish and performance is low.
  • The website was hacked.
  • Your website is outdated and you are unsure if you can update WordPress and the plugins used without major problems.
  • Some workflows in content creation are too cumbersome or just don’t run smoothly.

You have come to the right place if you agree with one or more of the statements above.


Website too slow? Website hacked? Content creation too cumbersome?

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Audits with defined processes



You have a specific request or issue you need resolved. We will talk to you about what the solution could look like and discuss all pros and cons with you.


During our audit we will put your WordPress infrastructure through its paces, to find the root of the problem and to develop a solution strategy for you.


We will develop the agreed solutions and will make them available to you in a test environment for review and approval. Everything is as you wanted it? Then we will go live with the solution.

An audit sheds light on problems by

  • Uncovering potential security risks on your websites
  • Checking for efficiency of the theme and whether the best possible WordPress plugins are used
  • Detecting performance bottlenecks and speed issues
  • Updating and decluttering your website for optimized performance
  • Finding optimization potential for various backend and frontend workflows of your WordPress instances

WordPress audit, security audit, WordPress inspection: This is how Inpsyde audits are done

Security audit: The Inpsyde way

“Many roads lead to Rome”, as the saying goes. Similarly, the procedures followed by developers and agencies can differ when implementing requirements. There is no single, absolute solution.

You can:

  • Install a third-party provider plugin without any adjustments
  • Use a third-party plugin with customized requirements
  • Integrate functionality into a theme (Attention: Not a good way!)
  • Develope a proprietary plugin (but having to make do without code standards)
  • Outsource functionality into one or more plugins

Some of these solutions are fast and flexible, others are either inconvenient or rigid. The problem: At first sight, all ways fulfill the requirements. That’s why it is difficult do make a definitive statement regarding costs about possible efforts when taking over third-party projects. You never know if modifying the system in one area might deactivate a function elsewhere.

Our comprehensive WordPress inspection is the first step to check out the used solutions. We:
  • review the quality of the source code (plugins or themes) and point out available alternatives
  • examine the level of security of your website (plugins, themes, server settings) and compile an action catalog
  • determine the perfect configuration for WordPress and your web server

When does a WordPress Audit make sense?

A WordPress audit is useful at the time of takeover of projects that were previously handled by third-party providers. Because then it is important to identify the infrastructure and plugins used. Only then we have a basis on which we can build up the further project. A comprehensive overview of the project and all details of existing systems must be known in order to deliver competent advice and intelligent concepts.