Remote jobs in Germany

Remote jobs in Germany: The freedom to combine work and leisure time

My first weeks at Inpsyde – full of new impressions. I started to learn living as an Inpsyder and I got to know my new work environment being at the same time familiar and unusual.

Have you ever heard of remote jobs in Germany? Well, I didn’t since I got to know Inpsyde.

My first month working at Inpsyde – I started on 1st Febuary 2017 – is over now. I know, Feburary is the shortest month in every year, but that’s not the only reason why, for me, time passed by really fast.

Within the last four weeks I started to learn living as an Inpsyder and I got to know my new work environment being at the same time familiar and unusual.

Working – differently

At Inpsyde, you work remote. That means, I work at my own writing desk and communicate with my colleagues via Slack. I talk to them through the microfone of my headset and see them on my laptop through their video cameras.

You wonder, if it was strange working together with people I never met “in the real world”? No, actually, it’s not strange at all – maybe because I grew up knowing I can communicate with people all over the world living far away while not being next to them.

The way I came to Inpsyde

Last year, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Media- and Communication Business at DHBW in Ravensburg. For everybody not knowing what kind of study that is: I always explain it with “professional babbling”. It has been a dual curriculum meaning the last three years were separated in three months of studying being followed by three months of working at my former employer.

WordPress interests me for a while now, because I heard again and again that with WordPress, it would be possible to make good looking websites while not knowing anything about programming. In October 2016, there was a WordCamp in Cologne and as it was open to everybody, I went to get in touch with WordPress. There, I first “met Inpsyde”. I never thought about remote jobs in Germany. But as I heard that Inpsyde searched for someone making marketing, everything went quite quick.

About flexibility, leisure time and freedom

Especially having the possibility to organize my daily working time flexible is a huge plus in my quality of life. If I like, I’ll go swimming in the morning or I’ll be having breakfast with a friend before starting to work. Thanks to this flexibility, I can combine my many hobbies with my job – best example: Carnival time last month, which I, as born Rhinelander, celebrate intensely.

Of course, working remote means being able to discipline yourself, but at the moment, that works out quite good. (Yeah, I know, last month, I started work a tiny little bit later than I wanted and then worked longer but I think,  you can turn a blind eye on that.) This self-management being absolutely necessary for this way of working is maybe not the right way for anybody. But for me, it feels like being free and independent of my employer – and that motivates me to work. You see, a win-win-situation.

PS: Actually, I wanted to show you my morning coffee with my best friend. But unfortunately, the pictures weren’t that pretty. Therefore, I picked another one.

PPS: At the moment, Inpsyde searches for new employees – apply, if you desire to work remote.


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