ANOUK Fashion: Multisite with Individual Designs

Multisite for three languages with extensive design features

Projekt Details

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Multilingualism, Multisite Network, Performance Optimization, Relaunch

“Inpsyde implemented all requirements of our new website and, additionally, proposed solutions actively.

Nicole Wuethrich – Marketing ANOUK

The Project

Multisite Online Shops with lots of Creative Freedom for ANOUK Fashion

Goal: Relaunch with multisite integration and space for stories

It has been the task of Inpsyde to revise ANOUK’s old web presence and enhance it for three languages. The crucial challenge had been to develop a special template. It should not only convince concerning performance but also be a strong basis for a later further development.

The website structure should be in a way that fashion stories are in the focus. These are blog-like posts through which ANOUK can present the latest looks and fashion topics. Pictures, and especially the possibility to issue them as mood boards on “home”, played a major role in the new website concept.

The Client

ANOUK: Fashion from Switzerland

ANOUK is a Swiss multibrand chain for women’s fashion. The chain is represented in Switzerland as well as in Germany with more than 50 boutiques. In Switzerland, ANOUK complements its range with two stores for men – ANOUK FOR MEN.

The Solution

Flexible Multisite Environment with Tailored Design Features

Another requirement of ANOUK was that the same framework of the website could be reused for other brands. The flexible multisite structure made this possible. This allows to run in the same environment. In addition, design elements were introduced that allow the creation of fashion stories and the display of mood boards.

The Result

High Performance and Creative Freedom

“Inpsyde has implemented the requirements for the new website well. The results from Speed Insights and other analysis tools now prove that Inpsyde delivered 100% in terms of performance. Inpsyde’s implementation of the mood boards through different preview types now allow ANOUK to make the most of the creative scope in a variety of ways.”

Nicole Wuethrich – Marketing ANOUK

We recommend Inpsyde, because …

Inpsyde is a web agency with a pragmatical but at the same time a very structured way of working. Particular that point, as well as the solid experience and the knowledge of its employees, allow that Inpsyde can find new solutions quickly and uncomplicated if requirements change. Such a mindset is the basis for a flexible development being adjusted to each and every situation. It has been very valuable for ANOUK’s multilingual websites.

Last but not least it has been the very pleasant collaboration and the simple communication that make Inpsyde a partner with whom web projects are a pleasure.

Nicole Wuethrich – Marketing ANOUK

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