MultilingualPress is our plugin for multilingual WordPress websites. You can download it from for free. We love MultilingualPress and want to see it developed further. Therefore we are searching for developers who would like to look after our multilingual plugin! Are you a PHP developer with experience or interest in WordPress Multisite? Are you looking for a flexible job? Do you believe that remote work would be most suitable for you? Then we’d love to have you at Inpsyde!

MultilingualPress – the plugin for multilingual websites

Our multilingual plugin is based on the core WordPress Multisite Feature. Because of this, all language pages are located in one big network. The network structure offers many benefits: For example, users of our plugin can generate language pages as a copy of another page, including any post, page, custom post type, widget, or setting. You can find more information on the MultilingualPress website.

As a developer, you are probably interested in the technology behind MultilingualPress. Thus, a brief overview: MultilingualPress runs on PHP 7. The JavaScript code in MultilingualPress – mostly to make workflows in the WordPress administration area a little bit nicer – is written in ES6 and is transpiled via Babel. As a result, we can keep up with the latest trends and maintain compatibility with older browsers.

Want to know what bloggers have to say about our plugin? Check out Irena’s blog post on

In need of examples? This has been done with MultilingualPress

Want to see websites that are multilingual thanks to MultilingualPress? Here you’ll see two of many examples:

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Are You a Developer and Want to Work Remotely?

These would be some of your tasks working as a developer of MultilingualPress:

  • Firstly, work to further develop MultilingualPress. Have some ideas you would like to implement? Great!
  • Additionally, maintain the plugin.
  • Therefore, you should know a lot about PHP and WordPress.
  • Last but not least, help MultilingualPress users both on and on our premium support. That’s why it would be good if you’ve had previous experience with chat support.

Remote Work at Inpsyde

Since you’re reading this blog post, you’ve probably heard of us before: We are the biggest WordPress agency in the german speaking area. With our experience, we implement WordPress projects in the B2B sector. We always try to find the best solutions, especially under difficult conditions. Of course, we have a website where you can find more details. Click here to find out all about your future employer. But what would work be without any colleagues? On our team page, you can see the people behind Inpsyde.

Additionally, you work 100 % remotely. That means Working at home. It means that you can organize your time however you want to. You don’t have to lose any precious time commuting to your workplace anymore. Sounds interesting?

Apply. Now more than ever!

If you don’t like multilingual plugins but would love working at Inpsyde, take a look at our jobsite. Maybe you can find a more suitable job there.

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