WordPress Online Store Reference: multilingual vectorcam online shop

You search for a WordPress agency with experience in WooCommerce online shops? Well, you found your soon-to-be partner! You just thought yes, anyone can say that? The following WordPress online store reference might convince you!

Vectorcam: Specialised lathes, milling and cutting machines

The vectorcam GmbH is a modern dynamic company and has its registered office in Paderborn, Germany. It specialised itself both on CAD/CAM software and CNC programming of CNC machines. No matter if milling, drilling or cutting – vectorcam supports all common machining processes. For almost 25 years the company distributes its CAD/CAM system and operates successfull both nationally and internationally.

The Challenge

The homepage needed a facelift. At the same time, the customer wanted to have a fully working online shop for its CAD products. Once thinking about the homepage and the shop, new construction sites came up little by little. So, the project web presence was thought completely new. Vectorcam wished to remove the old technologies and modules all around the customer portal and replace them with the WooCommerce functionalities. And of course, all data in the old system should be migrated to the new one.

WordPress online store reference: New design and new shop with simplified functionalities.

The outcome

The outcome is a new designed website connecting many former separated functionalities in one system. Some operating steps which have been necessary before, has been reduced or even removed. Due to that, the vectorcam staff has a minimized maintenance effort. Stakeholders, customers and partners profit from the new website.

Good Consulting made by WordPress agency Inpsyde

“The Inpsyde employees accompanied us from the very beginning. They had so many ideas how to make the different functionalities easier with WooCommerce! Inpsyde also implemented the ideas, especially concerning the shop and the download of the test versions. And of course, the web agency migrated all data and cared for everything concerning this topic. Moreover, they created an environment on which they created and designed the new site. The Know-How of all Inpsyde employees was so helpful all the time!”

Inpsyde is highly recommendable, because …

“We can really recommend Inpsyde. At least one Inpsyde employee cared for us and was available within shortest time from the beginning to the end of our project. We felt very comfortable and well informed all the time. The consulting was of special value – in regards to the shop, the download of our test versions or other ideas and tasks for the homepage. Inpsyde also made a great job with the technical implementation, too. And in case there was a problem, it was resolved quickly.”

Maria Goetz, vectorcam GmbH, gave us all information for the report.

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