WordPress Multisite Example: Parship Relaunch

You search a content management system (CMS) for your company with several different websites? Moreover you search for an agency to implement the CMS and support you? We work with WordPress as CMS and already implemented many enterprise projects successfully on WordPress basis. For example the Parship relaunch which where we, besides other things, integrated several websites in one WordPress installation. In this reference, we would like to present this WordPress multisite example.

We relaunched the parship web presence and present it as a WordPress multisite example.


“As the leading provider of online dating services in Europe, it is our goal to find the perfect match for everyone. Because a good relationship makes people happy – and the world a better place. We employ over 230 colleagues across a range of functions, from IT and product management through to marketing and customer services. Together we are working passionately for one common goal: love.”

The Project

“In an effort to improve customer experience and to strengthen our content marketing activities, we were looking to relaunch our editorial sites. Inpsyde convinced us with their experience in the area of multi-site WordPress solutions, focusing on both optimizing page-speed and user experience. In addition, they had a good track record in running content migrations, which are part and parcel of this kind of relaunch.”

The project schedule

“In an initial 2-day-workshop, they supported us in defining the target set-up. Inpsyde paid particular attention to data structures and content and always kept an eye on performance. And of course, they had a sympathetic ear for our wishes. It was a very productive workshop and formed the basis for the actual implementation project. Next, Inpsyde developed the new portal and the main website of Parship and migrated the content. At the same time, Inpsyde, redesigned/reengineered the main page of our company, parshipelite.com, and integrated the page into the WordPress multisite installation.”

About Communication and Project Management with Inpsyde

“The project side of things was well-managed. Inpsyde upheld transparency and clarity throughout the entire process. They established direct communication via Slack and chose JIRA as project management tool. Moreover, sprints and status calls guaranteed continuous overview about the project. The review meetings between Inpsyde and us gave us a chance to see completed features as soon as they were ready and were helpful milestones during the project. Contacts were always available and responsive. Our initial doubts about working in a completely distributed setup dissipated quickly.

On project completion, Inpsyde run a developer workshop for our people to make sure they fully understand the reasoning behind all design decisions. Inpsyde’s developers still support us. Most recently, they helped us relaunch gay.parship.de and integrate the website into the new multi-site setup.

Right from the beginning, key players brought compelling experience to the table. However, not only in the technology area, but also regarding the business aspects. This combination proved very valuable throughout the project. In the end, the solution met all our (ambitious) requirements! We’ve seen our performance increase significantly after the relaunch, the navigation slimmed down and our website adhering to the latest WordPress standards.

With our Parship relaunch project, we can show a WordPress multisite example.

I recommend Inpsyde because …

“Inpsyde convinced us with their profound expertise in the WordPress area, deep insights into business-related aspects and sound project management approach. Working with Inpsyde is a pleasure. You will always be talking to someone who is friendly and interested in delivering top quality work. And most important, will always be talking to someone who clearly enjoys what he is doing.

We are very happy to have found a reliable partner in Inpsyde!”

Jörg Rasinger, Director Engineerin Parship ELITE Group, offered the information for this reference.

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