B2B Portal with Password and Data Synchronisation

Implementing this project meant integrating a web shop. Moreover, it has been a web project with a password protected portal, where we created a B2B portal with limited access on the basis of WordPress and WooCommerce.

The Company: Polo Motorrad GmbH

POLO Motorbikes develops and markets motorbike clothing, accessories and technology. In its sector, the company is one of the leading providers. The company was founded in 1980. Currently it employs 700 staff and operates sales outlets all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Besides to these brick-and-mortar shops, POLO Motorbikes also operates an online shop for consumers.

The challenge: B2B portal – password protected

The B2B business unit was the most recent addition to the operation. The company decided to build a B2B portal to offer retailers their own e-commerce shop. We wanted the portal to be accessible to registered traders only and to display the prices relevant to them. Especially this functionality has been very important because the company assigns each trader to various discount categories depending on his or her annual turnover.

Moreover, it is important that stock levels and expected delivery dates have daily updates. Special emphasis is also placed on the link between specific motorbikes and the products offered for the various models. The real challenge, however, is the wealth of products on offer. Polo Motorbikes has more than 30,000 products in stock.

Inpsyde: WooCommerce Expert

The standard installation of WordPress in combination with WooCommerce was simply not enough. That’s why we started looking for a partner. We found Inpsyde, the only gold certified partner in Germany, on the WooCommerce website. And we’re really happy that they implemented our web project.

Inpsyde is recommendable, because …

Our cooperation was straightforward and very professional right from the get-go. Inpsyde managed to overcome every challenge we presented them. Therefore the team will most definitely continue to play a large part in optimizing the portal. Their in-depth knowledge of WooCommerce and all of its plugins, of which Inpsyde programmed a few, has proven to be very helpful in the process.

Ingo Bungert, project leader Polo, provided the information for this report.

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