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The objectives of relaunching the WordPress Multisite platform under a new domain were "reinforcing the visibility, modernizing the layout in a responsive design, expanding the platform for marketing and reducing maintenance costs".

Please describe your company in a few words

spektrumSpektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH is one of the premier publishing houses for popular science magazines and content in the German-speaking region. Their portfolio includes the monthly publications “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”, “Gehirn und Geist”, “Sterne und Weltraum”, the weekly digital publication “Spektrum die Woche” and various digital offerings and platforms: The knowledge portal Spektrum.de has the widest reach in the popular sciences segment. It offers current news from all areas of science to over 1.3 million unique users a month (AGOF) from Monday to Friday. From archeology, biology and chemistry to detailed reports about the latest accomplishments in the fields of medicine, physics and technology – science enthusiasts can find just what they are looking for here.

The challenge

The SciLogs blog portal operated by Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH is a family of science blogs. They combine the strengths of scientific culture with the “blog” medium. The blogs reinforce interdisciplinary dialog about science in all its facets: Research, application, politics, ethics and values. The bloggers include researchers, theoretical scientists, practical scientists, journalists and enthusiasts.

The objectives of relaunching the WordPress Multisite platform under the new domain http://scilogs.spektrum.de/ are:

  • To reinforce visibility by bringing the blog portal and the main portal http://www.spektrum.de/ closer together
  • To modernize the layout in a responsive design
  • To expand the platform to include marketing opportunities (e.g. advertising spaces).
  • To reduce maintenance costs by increasing the use of standard components rather than in-house developments

How did Inpsyde help?

Inpsyde GmbH implemented the complete migration of the platform – consisting of over 100 blogs in a WordPress Multisite – to the latest WordPress version and carried out a review of the required plugins. The new theme “Baylys” by Elmastudio used for the platform was expanded by Inpsyde GmbH to include the functionality we needed and adapted accordingly.

What was the outcome?

Inpsyde GmbH carried out the agreed work in a timely manner and to our full satisfaction. Inpsyde GmbH is always happy to share experience and use their know-how for platform optimization.

The use of various standard components and the theme “Baylys” resulted in a significant reduction in maintenance costs. The migration doubled the visibility of the platform within just a few months. The newly created marketing spaces are already generating turnover, with plenty of space for improvement.

Would you recommend Inpsyde, and if so, why?

We can recommend Inpsyde as a competent partner with plenty of WordPress know-how for complex migration projects. We now have a reliable partner in Inpsyde GmbH, with whom we are planning to collaborate on our projects on a long-term basis.

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