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Search & Replace within a WordPress database: it couldn’t be easier!

This plugin allows you to search for and replace data and character strings in your database, provided you have admin rights. It can replace domains/URLs and whatever else you need to replace in your WordPress installation. It is a highly popular, much used plugin among WordPress developers and a reliable tool for your day-to-day admin duties.

Search & Replace allows you to find any type of content and replace it with something else. Before you do that, you should create a simple database backup – just in case.

We have implemented some special functions! The first one is “Replace a domain/URL” and is very useful for a quick and easy move or migration of a WordPress installation. The second is complete support for serialized data – but there are plenty more functions available – try it for yourself!

Additional Search & Replace functions
  • Localized and ready for your own language
  • Search and replace data in your WordPress database.
  • Change the domain/URL of your WordPress installation.
  • Serialized data are supported
  • Choose between a test run or a database export.
  • Change the table prefix.
  • Backup and restore your database from a backup.
  • Supports WordPress Multisites

Our goal is to give both developers and WordPress users an optimized solution in this plugin. The facts proove our success:

More than 1.4 million downloads

4.4 of 5 stars in Repository

Completely free of charge for you!

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