AZEZANA: Multilingual Shop for Afghan Women Empowerment

AZEZANA needed a State of the Art webshop with multilingual support and high usability. The aim: to bring their Silk and Cashmere Scarves, handmade by Women in Afghanistan, to the world! We are very proud that we had the chance to contribute to this great project.


AZEZANA: Women Empowerment in Afghanistan

AZEZANA empowers the most destitute of Afghan society by providing Afghan women in need with the specialized skills necessary to weave silk scarves and thus earn a sustainable living.

AZEZANA: Responsive Multilingual Website

The Project: Multilingual State of the Art Online Shop

Our website and webshop had become outdated and we wanted to find a WordPress agency to help us build a state of the art online store from scratch in a cost effective manner. Our online store had to be cutting-edge in terms of design and usability, be multilingual and totally responsive.

As social entrepreneurs, we do not want a service provider, we look out for a partner that shares our determination to create something special. Inpsyde has become that partner and we actually see them as extended team members. They share the same passion and our mission.

Project Schedule:

We had defined a list of features and functionalities for the website and Inpsyde took the time to go through each and every point to discuss it. It was immediately obvious to us that they know their game, that they are experts in what they are doing. The Project management was spot on. Always friendly and supportive, a real joy to interact with the team and totally professional.

We started with the wish list in terms of features and functionalities. Our designer created the screendesigns that Inpsyde implemented. The basic layout was programmed within the shortest possible time and then we looked at the nitty-gritty details and how to solve them.

Given our budget constraints, Inpsyde made recommendations how to avoid cost overruns and also how to launch the website in the shortest period of time.

We recommend Inpsyde because …

We never write reviews, rarely make recommendations. Inpsyde, however, has totally exceeded our expectations and that’s why we are giving a rating that sound more like a PR stunt. The flying colors rating is well deserved and we want to spread the word that Inpsyde is the best wordpress agency to work with. We really mean it.

Together with Inpsyde, we have laid the foundation to generate more online sales and engage with our customers. WordPress offers the flexibility to add additional tools and features and we are confident that we have everything in place to drive future growth.

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