Do you already know that we work completely remote at Inpsyde? That means our employees work from home, or where they like being the most. So, we don’t have a fix office. Working remotely offers many benefits. But there’s one disadvantage: Clients cannot visit us and get in touch with our way of working directly. In our blog category Inside Inpsyde we want to compensate this a bit. Here we write about what it’s like to work remotely, we introduce our employees and us as agency. In this post we tell more about WordPress developer Philipp Bammes who is Inpsyder since July 2018.

WordPress Developer Philipp Bammes

Philipp is 27 years old and lives in Dresden, Germany.

WordPress developer Philipp Bammes wanted to work at Inpsyde for some time now.

“Long ago, I liked playing cello, but recently I didn’t have time for that. Another big hobby of mine is road cycling, but I haven’t done that for some time now, because I try to fulfill my new role as father to complete satisfaction.”

Professional Career

“Inpsyde recruited me via Stack Overflow. There, a job as backend developer has been available. Well, I have to commit – working at Inpsyde is something I thought about for quite some time now. But I guess I would have waited a few years until I would have applied myself. Inpsyde is a well-known name in the German WordPress community, you hear about it quite often. I’m impressed by Inpsyde’s spirit, for example, that the agency makes so much open source software available for the public. And above all, there is this high code quality.

I went into WordPress development step by step. It all started with me being a child, where didn’t have unlimited access to the computer. So, following the motto “All forbidden things get interesting”, I started being curious about this whole internet thing. I wanted to know how things work “behind the scenes”. I already worked with WordPress privately, and after I finished school, I studied media technology. Then I started my traineeship at an agency, where I began to work as frontend developer after I had my degree. And step by step, I went into backend development.

For me, it’s the first time that I work remotely. I’m excited about all the possibilities coming along with that. Working remotely offers many fantastic ways to combine work, family, and traveling.”

Questions to Inpsyder Philipp:

We asked Philipp 15 personal questions of which he should answer at least five.

What’s your favorite Happy Hour Drink?
Southern Comfort Ginger Ale
What’s the TV show you never miss?
Who watches linear TV nowadays? 🙂
Who’s your favorite cartoon character?
Marsupilami (and Hobbes!)
What makes you really really angry?
Bad GUIs
What’s your midnight snack?
Chocolate and peanuts.
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
6 pairs
Which is the last book you read?
What should be written on your gravestone?
.rip {
bottom: -2m;

Which is the best present you ever got?
An old record player!
If you had a super power, what would that be?
Describe your ideal weekend.
26 degrees, tailwind and riding cyclo cross to my wife and child.

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