Michel Moraes

WordPress Engineer Michel Moraes

The team is great and friendly. I am sure I will have the opportunity to learn new and amazing things at Inpsyde. I am looking forward to improving my skills and contributing to the company’s growth.

In this article, we want to introduce Michel. He supports our Inpsyde Team as WordPress Engineer.

This is Michel Moraes

Michel lives in Madrid, Spain.

Michel Moraes

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a calm person, passionate about everything related to technology, music, and traveling. I am a dreamer and love to discover new things and places around the world.

That’s why I paused my studies a few years ago to go to London (UK) and study English intensively for a year. It gave me language skills that I can use well in my job, and a lot of impressions and friendships. I don’t want to miss this time.

How do you spend your spare time?

I used to spend my spare time playing cavaquinho/banjo (both Brazilian instruments for Samba music), studying a new tech, creating a side-project, or just sitting on my sofa watching Netflix or a good football match. 

However, as a new father, I love spending time with my family (wife and daughter). We enjoy going out to explore a new place, meeting a couple of friends, eating in a good restaurant, and taking nice pictures of ourselves.

What is important to you?

Making my family happy is the most important thing to me. For me, having a good moment with those we love, is the meaning of life. That is why we now live in Spain. I’m originally from Brazil, but I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else – the US or Europe. Thanks to my time in England studying the language and my travels with my wife, visiting many European countries and cities, I felt a certain longing to live here. We live more securely here and can offer our daughter a promising future.

Also, we need to learn to take care of our health (mental and body) plus finding a good balance between professional and personal life. We initially lived in Galicia (Northwest Spain) which enabled us to take quick trips to Portugal.

There is also plenty of variety living in Madrid. We have many opportunities for sightseeing and beautiful parks where you can relax. An enjoyable walk and a visit to the play parks with my daughter can work wonders and bring everything back into harmony.

Can you tell a little story which describes best who you are?

I always remember when my father gave me my first computer. It was back in 1995, and I was ten years old at that time. I think it was the best gift I could ever get, especially at that age when none of my friends had a personal computer. I was fascinated with having a computer – not only for the games.

I also liked to explore all functionalities and possibilities. It was great to connect to the internet even with an abysmal and expensive dial-up connection. I remember we always had to wait for the weekends because after 12 pm the dial connection was cheaper, and then I spent the whole weekend sitting at my desk with my 486 computer and Windows 3.1.

Three years later, when I was 13 years old, I used to create business cards and other prints for a friend of my father’s company. Then, PC and broadband connections  became more accessible for everyone, and I started to create my first websites with HTML.

Because of this gift, I already knew what I wanted to be and do in my professional life.

Michel’s way to Inpsyde

I started my career as a Graphic Designer at a great university in Brazil. Later on, I built my own company with a fellow student from the same university. We used to create amazing websites using Flash with ActionScript. 

When dynamic websites (PHP/WordPress) started to become popular with HTML5 and CSS3, I decided to take a professional course on web development at INFNET, at a renowned university in Brazil. Since then, I have taken many other professional courses, related to full-stack web development with JavaScript and/or PHP. I love watching videos about new technologies and frameworks. That’s my Netflix. 

In 2016, I decided to move forward in my career, so my wife and I moved to London (UK) and took an English course, for I knew I needed to improve my English skills. Fortunately, I got hired at an agency where I could learn a lot from my colleagues. While there, I had the honor of building large WordPress websites for large companies as a full-stack developer. 

I would say I am self-taught, and I enjoy exchanging knowledge with other colleagues. In a nutshell, it means that you always have the opportunity to learn new things from other experts, not only in the programming field but also with all other things involved.

Inpsyde is open-minded, which is very interesting. I have been working remotely for five years now, and I think the flexibility of the work schedule is a great plus. At Inpsyde, I can see from management’s mindset, way of working, and how my colleagues treat each other that the company focuses on people. Last but not least, I’m excited about the human-centric company values that I felt from the beginning. 

Questions to Inpsyder Michel

We asked Michel a few personal questions to learn more about him:

What was the last book you read?

How to Build a Billion Dollar App by George Berkowski

What do you like most about your city?

The weather, diversity, and security. It is the perfect size, has great food, and so much more.

What is your favorite smartphone app?


What is the best meal you can cook on your own?


You get stuck in the elevator for many hours and there’s a song playing in a continuous loop, what song would that be?

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

By the way: The Inpsyde Team is 100% remote

This enables us to bring together the best minds in the world in one team. You want to learn more about our way of working and the Inpsyders? Take a look inside Inpsyde!

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