CMS Garden is a non profit organization in Germany where the communities of Open Source CMS (like Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, TYPO3 and others) work together. The organization was founded in 2012. CMS Garden represents Open Source CMS on fairs and gives lectures on other events. It’s aim is to further spread the idea of an open web. One of its big successes so far is the project with the ECO and the ministry of economy: As one of the WordPress representatives, I am a part of CMS garden from its very beginnings and am highly engaged to its values.

Strengthen the communities: Why we should work together with other CMS

Last week I was at Drupal Europe in Darmstadt representing WordPress as part in the CMS Garden. CMS Garden was present the in Open Web Lounge sponsored by Automattic and Google.  We were in Darmstadt to talk about news in our CMS. We also discussed issues we face as communities like the GDPR implementation or how to win people for our systems and how to find people to engage in the community. Moreover, we exchanged how we work together in our communities.

I gave a lecture about marketing strategies and organization, as you can see here:

The big Benefits of shared Knowledge

Looking forward to the next years collaborations like the CMS garden could have more impact in all open source communities. We could spend less time implementing regulatory features like GDPR and work together on libraries we could use in all CMS.

Well, many of the CMS in the world use PHP. But until now all things were built individually for the CMS. However, there are the same needs. One popular example is the Gutenberg editor for WordPress which was also implemented for Drupal (see And there are plans that the security people of the CMS work closer together.

And if we continue to strengthen our Open Source CMS network and when the collaboration starts working on Code level, we could also work together to move the Open Web forward. In last consequence it means that we enable users to own their data and that we help them to understand the benefits of an open platform.

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