In this article you get the chance to learn more about Inpsyde WordPress Engineer Marc Eichenseher. Marc is part of the Inpsyde team since March 2019. Because we’re all working remotely, we’re not tied to one place. Our team therefore consists of experts from all over the world! You can find more Inpsyders and interesting insights in our way of working in our blog category Inside Inpsyde.

This is WordPress-Engineer Marc Eichenseher

Marc is 29 years old and lives in Heidelberg, Germany.

Inpsyde Engineer Marc Eichenseher has spent some years in Afrika
”I like living in Heidelberg very much. There are many beautiful places here, such as the Philosophenweg with its priceless view on the Heidelberg Castle. When I really want to immerse myself in the city culture, I join some events of “Villa Nachttanz”. That’s an association that organizes regular events. There you can meet the most different people. I love this cultural diversity. This is definitely one of the highlights of Heidelberg.”

How do you spend your free time?

”I hear a lot of podcasts. I often get up at 6 am so that I have time for one or two podcasts before I start my day. I am particularly interested in topics such as network politics, politics in general and the startup scene. I simply find it interesting when people exchange ideas and point out very different perspectives on certain topics. I like the fact that this kind of exchange is not about who is right. As with any good discussion, it is about expressing one’s own opinion and bring along the willingness to be convinced by other arguments.”

“Also, I spent a big part of my spare time with programming. I have a lot of ideas and like to work on my own projects. I have one big goal: Once in my life, I want to reach a so-called „Product/Market Fit”. That means to develop a product that is the ideal answer to an urgent demand on the market. Of course, many factors play a role here. It’s a big challenge. But I enjoy working towards such a goal and always trying out new things.”

“Furthermore, I like traveling. My father is from Africa and lives in Ghana. I spent myself two years there. During this time, we drove around many times – through the whole country. Since then travelling has been of great value to me. No matter whether by car, train or plane or simply on foot. It’s always exciting.“

What makes you special and what’s important to you?

„I’m just an ideas inventor and I’m an honest person. You can always talk about things you’re proud of. But the present is decisive. I try not to live too far in the past or in the future. I rather concentrate on the here and now.”

„Freedom, variety and fairness are especially important to me. The rest comes as a consequence. I also want to catch up on my abitur some time and then study. I want to learn and experience as much as possible.!”


„After I finished school, I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. So, with 18, I moved to Ghana where my father lives. He is a businessman in the gold industry and I helped him during this time as an assistant in his company. That wasn’t always easy, but it was an exciting and important time for me.”

“When I came back to Germany, I set my mind on running an Ultima-Online-Server. So, I came into contact with programming for the first time. The topic fascinated me from the beginning. In this time, I never had the motive: I need a job. I just wanted to get involved with programming and educate myself further. I had this workbook called “Head First C#“. That’s how it all started.”

”From there I had the wish to work in the IT industry. It was not easy for me to find a job. I only had a lower school graduation. The employment office finally organized a place for me in a vocational center. It was a purely theoretical training and therefore most of the topics were not approached as deeply as they might have been in a practical training. That’s why in my spare time I tried to learn as much as I could. I focused mainly on PHP and web development in general.”

Professional Career

”After my education, I did an internship at a web agency. In this time, I realized: I don’t know anything yet! But I didn’t want to give up under any circumstances. For my time at home, I therefore created a strict schedule. 8-12 hours a day. I did this for about 8 months. After that, I already knew a bit more. Finally, I got a job offer in Heidelberg. As a career starter, I directly got a position in which I was allowed to plan projects independently and had a lot of responsibility. That was a very interesting time for me. I learned a lot.”

”In 2018, I had to make a difficult decision. I had the opportunity to go to Africa again to take over my father’s company. I wanted to do it. I prepared myself for it and finally had everything planned. But in the end, I decided against it. There were many different reasons for this. I went with my gut. That was the right decision, as I know today.”

”When I looked around for a new job, I came across Inpsyde. „We work remotely“ – Jackpot, I thought to myself.”

Marcs Way to Inpsyde

”I still remember very well! One of the first sentences I read on the Inpsyde website was: “We are the biggest WordPress agency in Germany.” I am someone who, when he reads such a statement, first of all assumes that this cannot possibly be true. So, I collected facts and found out with enthusiasm: They seem to be right! In a blogpost on the subject, it was more precisely defined what Inpsyde itself understands by “the biggest”. It said that this is not about mere numbers, but about the progressive way of working and the humanity behind it. That impressed me very much. So, I applied and it worked!”

”Today I know that the people are really paramount at Inpsyde. And also the strong desire to deliver the best quality at all times. Here, we try to improve working processes permanently. You don’t rest on your laurels. Everyone here strives to learn and to constantly improve. I think this is really great at Inpsyde. I look forward to everything that lies ahead of me. You have so many opportunities here that are open to you. I just let myself be surprised!”

Questions to Inpsyder Marc

We asked Marc a few questions so you can get to know him a bit better:

Who was your hero as a child?
My father.
What can really annoy you?
I’m most annoyed about my own mistakes.
If you could have a superpower, which one?
I’d like to have the ability to communicate through thoughts. You would save so much time and avoid misunderstandings. Someday this will be possible, I’m sure!
If you could travel in time, what time would you travel first?
To the time in the future when the sun goes out (like in this episode of Doctor Who).
When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?
I had a lot of ideas. First, I wanted to become a policeman, then a criminal, then a lawyer, then a cook and then sometime a businessman like my dad.
You get stuck in the elevator for several hours and there plays a song in continuous loop. Which one would that be?
I always have headphones with me. So, I would just listen to podcasts or my own music. For example, I like listening to Hiplife, Dance Hall, Hip Hop, House, but also sometimes to classical music.
What was the best advice you ever got and who gave it to you?
My former class teacher advised me to expand my technical and practical knowledge before I start studying. That helped me a lot. It gave me much more insight into practical working.
What are you convinced of that many don’t agree with?
That work can be fun!
If you found out that your present life was just a dream, would you want to wake up?
If life was just a dream, it could mean that you wake up when you die. That’s why I would want to dream my life to the end.
What stupid thing did you believe for a long time?
That people can be fundamentally evil. Today, I don’t think like that anymore. I know that some people just think differently, have different attitudes, different values. Everyone always thinks in the end that he is in the right.
What is the best and the worst part of your personality?
It’s hard to estimate that for myself. But I think my solution-oriented and flexible way of thinking is positive. When I see a problem, I quickly offer solutions that are outside of the box. And the negative: Honesty is so important to me that I can sometimes react very – perhaps too – strictly when my trust has been abused.
What have you been in your former life?
Maybe cheesecake manufacturer. But I’m pretty unsure if that’s true. It would have been nice if I had stood up for people’s freedom. For example, as a supporter of Martin Luther King.
What’s the best thing you can cook on your own?
I’d say I can cook anything. Some things good, some not so good. Everything works with the right instructions. But without a recipe, I can best cook rice with cream sauce or chicken strips.
Are you emotional with things you possess?
Oh yes, I still have a camera of my father and also many pieces of clothing. They are worth a lot to me.
Superman, Batman or Spiderman?
Donald Duck.

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