As we work remotely at Inpsyde, our clients cannot visit us in an office and get in touch with our working atmosphere. That’s why we write about us as agency, our employees and give information about working remotely in our blog category “Inside Inpsyde”. Today we want to write about Inpsyde project manager Steffi Nass. Steffi is one of our new Inpsyde family members. She’s very experienced in the field of project management, especially in IT project management.

Inpsyde Project Manager Steffi Nass

Steffi was born in 1982 and now lives in beautiful Lower Saxony, a German federal province. However, she wants to move to Hamburg, a northern German port city, soon.

Inpsyde Projektmanagerin Steffi Nass lernt gerne neue Kulturen kennen.

“A hobby accompanying me nearly every day is doing sports. I go running, do power training and started with cross fit recently. Moreover I like traveling, because I think you can learn so much from other cultures. My fascination for “the other ones” drove me into leaving the country after I finished studies. First, I lived in Spain eight and a half years, then I moved to Mexico for four years. Especially Mexico shaped my whole personality because I think they have a very health attitude towards life. Germans live very future-oriented while Mexicans focus more on the present and take things the way they are. I really like that because in the end you never now what tomorrow brings. So why not just enjoy today?

Professional Career and about Working Remotely

“Actually I have a marketing background. A few years ago, I slided accidently into IT project management. However, I really liked it. That’s why I sticked to it until now and am really happy to be a part of the Inpsyde team recently. I already worked remotely for some time as I freelanced for a couple of months. So I’m convinced that when you can organize yourself well, working remotely is actually the same as a random office job. What might be a bigger challenge compared to an office job is the work in a team because of the spatial separation. On the one hand you surely have less possibilities to be distracted. But on the other hand it is extremely important to communicate with each other well and often.

Questions to Inpsyderin Steffi:

We asked 15 personal questions to Steffi of which she should answer at least five.

Which person was your hero as a child?
Pipi Langstrumpf – the strongest girl in the whole wide world.
What’s your favorite Happy Hour drink?
Vodka Rickey.
What’s that one TV show you will always miss?
I watch TV seldom. Many years I didn’t even have a TV and during the common TV times I usually do something else.
What’s your biggest vice?
Who’s your favorite cartoon character?
Homer Simpson.
What makes you really really angry?
Injustice of any type.
Which job did you do when you went to school?
I gave tutoring sessions and worked as a waitress from time to time.
What’s your midnight snack?
Anything I have at home that moment and that doesn’t cost too much time.
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
You don’t count shoes, you just have them… (Honestly, I have no idea how many shoes I have…)
What should be written on your gravestone?
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Shit!
What’s the best present you ever got?
If you had a super power, what would that be?
I would like to have healing powers. Whether you are health or not is something you can only influence partly somehow. Everything else is influenceable by oneself somehow.
Describe your ideal weekend.
If time and weather play along, I like visiting new places. Otherwise sleeping long, having a long breakfast, doing sports and letting the day pass in company with friendly people makes me happy, too.

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