In our mini series “Inpsyders worldwide” we introduced our worldwide employees. In the following weeks, we would like to introduce even more new Inpsyders. They complement our team with many great competences. We’re going to start with our Inpsyde project manager Sebastian Pajor.

Sebastian Pajor

Sebastian, birth year 1982, grew up in placid Wolgast. That’s a town near to the isle Usedom. And it’s located in one of the north-eastern corners of Germany.

After his vocational training as management assistant in IT systems, he studied industrial engineering at University for Technology and Economy (HTW) in Berlin. Then he worked as IT consultant and finished his masters degree in industrial engineering at HTW Berlin.

Sebastian already gained a lot of hands-on experience in the field of project management. For example, he worked at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen (near to Stuttgart) where he wrote his bachelor thesis in strategic project management. Moreover, he gained project management experience in companies like Ströer Media Brands AG in Berlin.

At Inpsyde, he is responsible for our Dev Team 4.

Inpsyde project manager Sebastian Pajor leads Dev Team 4.

Sebastian about Working Remotely

“I never worked remotely before. All I did for some time was home office. That was during my employment as IT consultant. And during the time I wrote my master thesis.

Working remotely means, to me, that I don’t lose any time with commute to work and back home. Apart from that I don’t see much difference compared to another job. But what’s a must when working remotely: A working room as separation between living and working area.

The fact that you don’t see the colleagues in person is a little bit difficult though. And I tend to work more. Closing the office door just doesn’t inevitably mean it’s the end of work. But in general I like that I can work with less distractions.

Managing projects as job is more difficult too, when working remotely. After all, communication problems between project manager (PM) and developers can come up much easier. But the communication between PM and his team is key to successful project management. Especially when operating on some kind of abstraction level, you reach the boundaries of communication quite fast.

I think it’s very important to not loose sight of the person “at the other end”. This requires a lot more empathy towards internals and externals on the part of the project manager.”

This is our new Inpsyder Sebastian:

We gave Sebastian 15 personal questions of which he should answer at least 5.

What’s the TV show that you’re never going to miss?
I’m usually not watching TV. My favorite series is Top Gear / The Grant Tour.
Who is your favorite cartoon character?
What’s your midnight snack?
Cold Pizza
How many shoes do you have?
Round about 20 to 30 pairs, but only leather and no sneakers.
What is the last book you read?
Connected CRM: Implementing a Data-Driven, Cusomer-Centric Business Strategy by David S. Williams
What shall be written on your gravestone?
What’s the best present you got so far?
My son who will be born this November / December. And my motorcycle.
If you had a super power, what would that be?
Adaptive muscle memory
Do you have a favorite song you always sing when you do caraoke?
John Cage’s 4:33
What’s your perfect weekend?
sun, friends and motorcycling

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