The Inpsyde family is very happy to welcome a new member! Inpsyde project manager Rich Winterstetter will support the smooth running of our projects. As our customers cannot visit us in an office (we are a remote working WordPress agency), we use our blog to introduce all Inpsyders.

Inpsyde Project Manager Rich Winterstetter

Rich is 30 years old and lives in Munich, Bavaria (an area which is located in southern Germany).

This is Inpsyde project manager Rich Winterstetter.

“Besides my work, I really like to read – actually all genres are potential reading material. As most book lovers, I like to take paper and pen and write for myself, too. Recently I published my first science fiction novel “The Foreign Effect” via Books on Demand. Moreover, I’m a friend of games – both digital games on PC and consoles as well as analogue ones like board games, Pen and Paper and Table Top Systems (e.g. Warhammer). I really don’t like the term “nerd” – but it fits me.”

Professional Career

“After I finished my high school graduation and my civil service, I had the glorious idea to make myself ineligible for the general labour market and study “Game Design”. Three years later, and with a bachelor’s degree in Game Design, I went straight into the gaming industry. First, I worked in the field of quality assurance and then was in the Project Lead/ Game Design of a well-established Munich developer. During the last one and a half years, I worked as product manager at a free2play publisher.
For some time now I wanted to leave the gaming industry to further develop myself. Therefore I want to use the position at Inpsyde to gain more experience in the field of project management.”

Questions for Inpsyder Rich:

We asked Rich 15 personal questions of which he should at least answer five.

What’s your favorite Happy Hour drink?
Rum. Pure. Without ice. Last year, I enjoyed the excellent taste of a really really good (and really really expensive) bottle of rum … since then, I argue with myself whether it’s worth to buy it again.
What’s the worst TV show you ever saw?

My television connection collects dust for more than ten years now.

What’s your biggest vice?
When it comes to consuming, I literally have not the slightest self-control. If I want to have something, I want it directly. For any reasons.
What makes you really angry?
I like working myself up often and extensive about many things. In Bavaria, Germany, you call this “Grantln”. It’s an attitude to life!
What kind of job did you do when you went to school?
I had many little jobs during school and studying times. But drilling round about 1000 holes in 1000 pieces of metal every day four weeks long was a very special experience …
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Two pairs of shoes. One for the summer, and one for the winter.
Which was the last book you read?

“For We Are Many” by Dennis E. Taylor – the second book of the Bobiverse Trilogy. It’s about a software developer who awakes as software system of a space probe 100 years after his death. At the moment I prefer science fiction.

If you had a super power, what would that be?
To stop time. There are so many things to do! I have so many leisure activities for which I simply have too little time. Well, and if I take the time, I sleep too little. The day should have more than 24 hours.
Do you have a favorite karaoke song?
Those who sing don’t have the money to drink!
Describe your ideal weekend.
Sleep long, good coffee, good weather – not too hot – and a mixture of laying on the couch and read or play games or sit in the pub with friends or make a games evening.

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