It’s not without reason that we received the status WordPress VIP Partner: Inpsyde plugins belong to the best plugins you can find in the whole WordPress universe!

We provide our plugins for the whole WordPress community on Because of this, we follow WordPress’s philosophy to give something back when working with WordPress. Of course, we also create plugins for individual requirements during customer projects taking into account the specific needs of medium-sized and larger companies. And we do that at the highest level!

Inpsyde plugins on

In the following, we would like to present some of our plugins that are available for free on However, we are not allowed to publish several plugins we developed for specific customers’ needs and therefore cannot present them.

NEW PayPal Plus

PaylPal Plus gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.
Downloads: 217,995

With the official PayPal Plus plugin, anybody can integrate the four most popular payment methods into his or her online shop! Thus more potential customers are attracted.
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NEW AGB-Connector

Der AGB-Connector gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.
NEW Downloads: 8,943
With the AGB-Connector, everyone can include always up-to-date legal texts into the WordPress installation automatically. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you have a website, blog or an online shop as the AGB-Connector transmits legal texts reliably into each installation.
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BackWPup gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.

Downloads: 9,781,207
With BackWPup, you can create backups of your website. In case an update fails or your website totally crashes, you then have a backup so that you can restore your precious work.
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MultilingualPress 3.2

Downloads: 311,135
Because it is based on the Core Feature WordPress Multisite, this is the plugin for multilingualism in WordPress. Due to its fit, this plugin has many benefits. For example, each language page can either be completely different concerning functions and design or be just alike while having no performance loss and being ideal for SEO!
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With OneStock managing your stock is a breeze

With OneStock for WooCommerce, the stock of the products across your Multisite Shop Network will be synchronized automatically in all your shops. So, you have time for what really matters: The optimization of your products, the increase of your profits and the wishes of your customers – In short: your business.
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AddQuicktag gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.
Downloads: 957,213

With AddQuicktag, you can easily add quicktags both to the text editor and the visual editor.
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Adminimize gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.

Downloads: 1,915,688
This plugin allows to assign individual roles in the WordPress backend. Adminimize is especially useful when more than one user is active in the website’s backend but when not everybody needs to be an administrator of that website.
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Akismet Privacy Policy

Akismet Privacy Policy gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.
Downloads: 147,236
When users in Germany want to use the anti-spam plugin Akismet, they have to deal with data protection issues because Akismet stores personal data in the USA. That’s why we created the Privacy Policy Plugin: It points out the data storage in the USA.
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Authenticator gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.
Downloads: 73,736
With this plugin, you can limit the access to your website to logged-in users only. So anyone who wants to visit your website needs to create an account first, and, if you like, needs to be activated before having access.
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Change Permalink Helper gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.
Downloads: 22,415
Permalinks should always remain the same, but sometimes you need to change them. Should this be the case, this plugin helps. It takes the new URL’s slug and searches for an ID in the WordPress database. When finding a post matching the slug, the plugin redirects to the correct post.
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Multisite Enhancements

Multisite Enhancements gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.

Downloads: 87,974
When working with WordPress Multisite, it often happens that you need more information or menu items. Therefore this plugin enhances the network area for super admins with useful functionality.
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Search and Replace

Search and Replace gehört zu den besten Inpsyde Plugins.

Downloads: 2,286,398
This plugin searches and replaces data in the database, but attention: You can only use this plugin when being an admin! Moreover, this plugin has more useful features.
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