Is there anybody going shopping online and not knowing PayPal? Thanks to the online payment service, amounts can be paid quite easily. For both sites – buyers and sellers – PayPal is a huge relief when doing online shopping. For distributors, PayPal developed something very special: PayPal Plus for WooCommerce online shops and other shop systems. And we, as WooCommerce onlineshop agency, developed the official PayPal Plus plugin for the German market.

What is Paypal Plus?

PayPal Plus for WooCommerce: Inpsyde developed the plugin for the German market

With PayPal Plus, distributors in Germany can offer four payment types to their customers. These are PayPal, direct debit, credit card and invoice being the most popular payment types in Germany. Due to this payment flexibility, online distributors in Germany reach more potential customers with PayPal Plus. It’s a great advantage that people can choose another payment method when not having a PayPal account.
Do you have further questions concerning PayPal Plus? Then, visit the PayPal Plus Center. There are more information about PayPal Plus for WooCommerce and other online shops.

PayPal Plus benefits for distributors in Germany

  • PayPal Plus’ biggest advantage for distributors is the fact, that the most popular payment methods are united in one plugin. Thus, distributors only need one installation instead of many.
  • Furthermore, PayPal Plus scores with an user-friendly checkout for customers.
  • With PayPal Plus, online distributors have the same and especially a transparent fee. No matter which of the four payment methods the customer chooses, PayPal charges a fee only in case one of these payment methods has been chosen. There are no further entry or monthly fees.
  • In addition to that, the PayPal vendor protection exists for all four offered payment methods.
  • Thereby, PayPal Plus’ integration into an online shop is very easy. Everybody can do that without any programming skills.
  • Although PayPal Plus for Germany has many functionalities, it remains flexible. For example, up to five other payment types can be added.

That’s how PayPal Plus for WooCommerce works

The payment types are provided as an iframe which PayPal itself hosts. According to the chosen payment type, the customer gets, as next step, either the PayPal login page, a form to indicate credit card details or details to generate an invoice. The invoice is issued on the page where customers can find invoice details.

To use the German PayPal Plus plugin, companies need to have a registered office in Germany. Additionally, they require a PayPal account and need to apply for the use once.

The PayPal Plus plugin with all four payment methods is only available in Germany at the moment.

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