In this post we would like to introduce Inpsyde employee Uschi Arrets. She works as an Office Manager and takes care of organizational stuff. Maybe you already know that we work completely remote? That means all of our employees work from home or wherever they feel comfortable. But it also means that we don’t have a fix office where we meet every day. Moreover, clients cannot visit us. With our blog category Inside Inpsyde we want to compensate this a little bit. We show who we are as an agency and, even more important, we show the people behind the agency, our employees.

That’s Uschi

Uschi is 27 years old and grew up in a little German village in the Lower Rhine area near to the dutch border. At the moment she lives in Tasmania, Australia.

Inpsyde employee Uschi Arrets likes to be outside.

“Between me and Australia, there is a strong bond for quite some time already. In 2010/2011, I have been there for the first time. After school, I made my gap year on the sunny continent. Then I spent my exchange semester in Malaysia, which is actually only a stone’s throw away from Australia. I just like that part of the world. One reason is that me and my boyfriend met in Australia and that we now live here together.

In my free time I like doing sports. It doesn’t matter whether I do fitness, go jogging or hiking – I simply like being active. That’s why I was swimming trainer for some time. One hobby I got in touch and fell in love with during my travels is snorkeling. But I also relax by reading books preferable at a beach. In the past, I mostly read novels, but then I got interested in thrillers. However, the book I read recently doesn’t fit to both genres – it was about finance, The Barefoot Investor, which I can really recommend!”

Professional Career

“I studied International Business Management in Aachen, lived in Cologne for a while and currently writing my master thesis. I’ve had a couple of different jobs before starting at Inpsyde. For example, I had a job at the German Handicapped Sports Association, helped writing texts and looked after the website. Then, I started working in the finance department at RTL, although I’ve never really seen me working at a big company. But I was really happy there! Everyone helps each other, is friendly and most of all every single person is appreciated. Prior to that job, I worked in a sports article sales shop and looked after the goods traffic. So far, I got an insight into all activities along the value chain, except in supply chain/logistics and I am very happy about every experience I’ve made.

Inpsyde was interesting for me because I looked for a flexible job that I can do in both Australia and Germany. I’m really excited about the new experiences I’m going to make here at Inpsyde. For me, it’s the first time that I work at an agency and working with all the administrative tasks, HR and business operations. It is something new and different for me and I enjoy expanding my knowledge in different areas. I like to check out different ways of working. That’s why I’m excited to work completely remote and with online tools only.”

Questions to Inpsyder Uschi:

We asked Uschi 15 personal questions of which she should at least answer five.

Which person was your hero as a child?
Pippi Langstrumpf – she sees life so relaxed, whatever may come!
What’s your favorite Happy Hour drink?
Gin Tonic / Vodka Lemon Lime Bitters with Frangelico
What’s that one TV show you will always miss?
To answer this questions (and to take part in conversations with my friends), I should start watching TV.
What’s your biggest vice?
This thing over there, is that a chocolate brownie? I heard the cheese cake in the new cafe is super tasty!
Who is your favorite cartoon character?
I’m no cartoon fan, so there is no favorite character, sorry!
What makes you really really angry?
Mothers smoking next to their children and people with missing manners.
Which job did you do when you were at school?
Very classic – I worked as waitress.
What’s your midnight snack?
In case I’m still awake it’s probably almonds, cashews or anything I can find in the fridge!
How many pair of shoes do you have?
At the moment: Not enough, only four pairs of shoes!
Which is the last book you read?
The barefoot investor; The little prince
What should be written on your gravestone?
Enjoy life to the fullest!
What is the best present you ever got?
The unconditional love and support of my family, friends and my boyfriend
If you had a super power, what would that be?
Telepathy – understand, what’s going on in other peoples’ heads!
Do you have a favorite karaoke song?
Well, I never strike the right tone, but I love to sing all songs of which I know the lyrics.
Describe your ideal weekend!
Going jogging and making sports before brekkie with my family. After that: Spending time outside in the nature, enjoying the sun and the fresh air. Time with my family and friends and relax.

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