idealo for WooCommerce: Connect your WooCommerce Shop with idealo

idealo: Behind the scenes of the popular shopping & price comparison platform

In this interview, idealo partner manager Fabian Grasse talks about the company idealo and the advantages of the idealo platform for eCommerce merchants.

idealo for WooCommerce: Sell Your Products on idealo

As an official WooExpert, Inpsyde has supported idealo in the development of the plugin idealo for WooCommerce. 

The WordPress plugin idealo for WooCommerce enables idealo checkout (direct sales on idealo) for WooCommerce products on the price comparison portal idealo. Incoming orders are managed centrally and easily via WooCommerce. This way, shop operators can reach more customers and always keep track of what’s going on.

With idealo for WooCommerce you can connect WooCommerce with idealo and offer products via direct purchase on idealo

idealo: No. 1 Price Comparison

With 1.5 million visitors daily and over 350 million offers, the Berlin company idealo operates Germany’s popular shopping and comparison platform and one of the leading in Europe. At present, idealo is not only represented in Germany but also in Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain and Austria. The idealo app is among the top 5 retail apps in Germany and has 1.4 million active users. 

In an interview with Fabian Grasse, partner manager at idealo, we take a look behind the scenes of the company:

How was idealo founded?

idealo was founded 20 years ago by 5 students. The basic idea of the start-up was to create a transparent market to help users find the best price for different products. The idealo founders were real pioneers at that time, because in 2000 online trading was much less popular than today. Today, we are still constantly working on perfecting the shopping experience for our users and at the same time supporting small retailers in selling their products in order to strengthen the diversification in e-commerce. 

But on a larger scale: because idealo has now grown to over 900 employees from 40 nations. Nevertheless, the start-up character has not been lost. idealo cultivates an informal corporate culture with the aim of creating a motivating and fulfilling working environment for all employees. This also includes regular events for the entire workforce, such as the bi-weekly after-work event.

What is special about idealo?

First of all, our product: The idealo platform is both a marketing and sales channel. There is a lot of competition in eCommerce. It is always good to have a multi channel-strategy. With idealo, merchants have the opportunity to generate new leads for their online shop and at the same time sell their products directly via idealo and thus benefit from additional sales. We focus on absolute transparency for our users: The best price is listed on top. There is no advertising function for merchants, so there is no possibility to list offers further up through paid packages or similar systems. Only the price counts!

As a company, idealo attaches particular importance to family-friendliness and a healthy work-life balance. In addition, social commitment and sustainability are particularly important to us. For example, we participated with all our employees in the major general climate strike of the Fridays for Future movement in September last year. We therefore deactivated our website for half a day. In addition to that we are also currently in the process of obtaining the TÜV Nord certificate “Climate Neutral Company”.

It is important to us to take responsibility not only for ourselves, but also for the industry and especially the environment. 

Fabian Grasse, Partner Manager at idealo

You work a lot with partners, why?  

We work closely with traders from many different sectors, who use different systems for their eCommerce business. So, we are dealing with a very diverse system landscape. In order to optimize idealo for all systems and thus guarantee retailers the best possible accessibility, we rely on partners who specialize in the respective systems and fields. We cultivate close cooperation with our partners so that we can guarantee the smooth functioning of interfaces.

How can WooCommerce merchants benefit from idealo?

With the new WordPress plugin idealo for WooCommerce, which we developed together with Inpsyde, WooCommerce merchants can connect their shop with idealo and use idealo Checkout to sell their products directly through idealo. When merchants have placed their poducts on idealo, incoming idealo orders can be managed centrally in the WooCommerce store.

This allows merchants to achieve more visibility and also quickly gain the trust of new customers who like to use idealo. Based on experiences merchants gain up to 42% more orders in this way. The entire purchase process of products is handled by idealo and is synchronized with the respective WooCommerce shop so that orders can be managed in WooCommerce as usual

Another advantage for many merchants is that the design of their own shop is no longer that important. This relieves especially smaller merchants, who do not have enough time to think about topics such as graphic design and SEO and simply want to offer their products to the largest possible audience without much effort.

Interested in idealo for WooCommerce?

What else can idealo users expect in the future?

We are constantly working on expanding and improving the shopping experience and functions for merchants. We try to pay special attention to the needs of our users. And also at the beginning of the Corona crisis we established the feature “available stock” as well as the “availability alarm”. Furthermore we adapted the labels of the shipping times so that even a delivery with up to 7 days delivery time is still considered a short delivery time. We will be busy with further development of these features this year.  . 

Another currently important topic is to offer further payment methods for idealo Checkout. We want to make the payment mix more attractive to customers and thus enable retailers to exploit idealo’s full potential. 

Furthermore, we see great potential in WooCommerce and hope that we can address many WooCommerce merchants with the new plugin idealo for WooCommerce.

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