Our campaign FreshStart 2019 with MultilingualPress 3 and BackWPup PRO between the years 2018 and 2019 gives you the opportunity to secure your website and try out multilingual websites

FreshStart 2019 with MultilingualPress 3 and BackWPup PRO – 30% Discount

FreshStart 2019 with MultilingualPress 3 and BackWPup PRO

From December 27th, 2018, until January 7th, 2019, you get 30% discount on our plugins MultilingualPress 3 and BackWPup PRO. Just go to the websites of BackWPup PRO or MultilingualPress 3 and choose the license that suits you best. The price is already reduced in the shopping cart. You’re not familiar with our two most popular plugins yet? Here we give you an overview of what they can do.

MultilingualPress 3 – The technical cleanest solution for multilingualism in WordPress

Among all the plugins for multilingualism in WordPress, MultilingualPress is the pear among apples. Our plugin works completely different, so, on the basis of the WordPress feature Multisite. This results in numerous advantages compared to conventional plugins. For example, the performance of multilingual WordPress pages is not an issue for us. How is this possible? We explain this in detail in our article Multilingualism – The solution for WordPress: MultilingualPress.

With MultilingualPress 3 we have completely refactored our plugin. So it is fit for multilingual online shops with WooCommerce, an enterprise-level plugin. With our latest release we have made even more enhancements around WooCommerce. You can read them all in our release article for MultilingualPress 3.1.

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BackWPup PRO – the professional plugin that will never let you alone

Over 7 million downloads prove that BackWPup is a WordPress backup plugin with a loyal community. With over 600,000 active installations and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, our backup plugin is one of the most popular. But the free version of our WordPress backup Pplugin has limited features. BackWPup PRO, on the other hand, the professional solution, covers the entire WordPress backup wish list. Because BackWPup PRO has an integrated restore function as well as a standalone app that allows anyone to restore backups themselves with just a few clicks. In addition, the encryption feature offers the encryption of a backup before it is uploaded to third-party providers such as cloud services. In this way, BackWPup ensures GDPR compliant backups that protect the data of your website visitors.

Do you want to secure yourself and your website properly so that nothing goes wrong? Use our 30% discount from December 27th, 2018 until January 07th, 2019 until and get the license that suits you best.

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