Inpsyde Content Marketing Manager Sabine Polegek lives in Regensburg

Content Marketing Manager Sabine Polegek

I immediately liked Inpsyde. I thought: If they really are the way they present themselves, then this is just the right thing for me. And I wasn’t disappointed!

In this blog post, we want to introduce our new content marketing manager Sabine. She is a member of the Inpsyde team since March 2019.

By the way: The Inpsyde Team is 100% remote

This enables us to bring together the best minds in the world in one team. You want to learn more about our way of working and the Inpsyders? Take a look inside Inpsyde!

This is Sabine Polegek

Sabine is 29 years old and lives in Regensburg, Germany.

Inpsyde Content Marketing Managerin Sabine Polegek loves to discover new places.

Tell us something about yourself …

Since my childhood, I have preferred to sit at the PC rather than play outside. My mother often worried about that and installed a program to limit my computer time to one hour a day. On the first day after the installation, the computer shut down after that time and I couldn’t log into my account anymore. On the second day, I spent my computer time finding out how to get rid of the program and finally uninstalled it via the admin account. My mother installed the program several times before she found out what was going on. I think she realized then that my interest should be encouraged. She taught me a lot of things.

Today my heart still beats digitally. In my spare time, I am currently very much involved with digital art and game design. When I’m not sitting at the PC, I like to go for a walk and see what I discover along the way. I also have an old, rickety motorhome. So, when I have enough time, I discover the world on wheels. The path is always the goal.

Sabine’s Way to Inpsyde

After finishing school I studied ethnology. It’s a very interesting subject, which taught me first and foremost to see the world through different eyes. However, I never wanted to take this career path. I always told myself that I will find something that suits me when the time comes. That’s why I took the opportunity to try new things. During my studies, I had some interesting side jobs. For example, I worked for a publishing house, as a tourist guide in a stalactite cave and finally, I concentrated on small web design projects. When I finished my studies, I honestly still didn’t know what my career was going to be like. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to work creatively. It was hard to imagine myself doing the same things in an office day after day, and I am a person who needs challenges.

In the end, I found my perfect match! I immediately liked Inpsyde. I thought: If they really are the way they present themselves, then this is just the right thing for me. And I wasn’t disappointed! I could have found no better place for myself. I’m strongly looking forward to everything that awaits me here and I am very excited about how Inpsyde will develop in the future. Of course, I hope that I will contribute a valuable part to this development with my work.

Questions to Inpsyder Sabine

We asked Sabine some personal questions so that you can get to know her better.

Which famous person was your hero as a child?

Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager. She always has the insight, never gives up and remains herself.

What is the TV show you never miss?

Star Trek Voyager. Actually, I missed almost every episode because I was born in 1989, but I made up for it.

What makes you really angry?

If I’m treated unfairly. I can’t handle that.

What should be written on your gravestone?

I don’t know … maybe I’d prefer a nice picture of me and nothing else. My life should not be reduced to one or two sentences.

What is the best present you ever got?

My family. My life.

If you had a superpower, what would that be?

I’d like to be able to stop time so I never had no time again

Describe your ideal weekend.

Sitting comfortably at the Danube in the sunshine with kind people and good food.

What is on your bucket list?

I’d like to see lava for real.

What is the best and worst part of your personality?

I can concentrate very strongly on certain things, but I can also lose myself in them.

If you could travel through time, which time would you visit first?

To the late 60ies. I would want to witness Woodstock!

If someone gave you an envelope with the date of your death, would you open it?

Yes, I love good planning!

Do you want to join the Inpsyde team?

We are hiring! You can find all the current vacancies on our job page. Take a look!

* Many thanks to Markus Spiske for the photo we are using in this blogpost header.

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