To all BackWPup users out there: BackWPup PRO with Restore Feature is now available! The new 3.5 PRO version of our WordPress backup plugin enables the long-desired functionality at the click of a button. And until May 31st, 2018, you can buy the PRO version with a 30% discount on all our licences!

BackWPup PRO 3.5 with 30% discount until May 31st, 2018

On each licence model – from a standard licence with one domain to the agency licence with 100 domains – we offer 30% discount until May 31st, 2018. The discount is already implemented in our BackWPup PRO online shop. This way you can buy the licence model that fits most to your needs in a simple and uncomplicated way.

BackWPup PRO with Restore Feature: The Benefits

With the restore feature, the BackWPup PRO version has, compared to BackWPup FREE, one more benefit. That’s because now the complete restore process is integrated into the PRO version of our WordPress backup plugin and can be started at the click of a button. On the contrary, BackWPup FREE only creates and stores backups of your website. In case you website crashes, you have to do the whole restore process manually. This means that you have to unpack your backup on your local system, upload the files to your site, import the databases in PHPMyAdmin etc.

In our documentation How do I use the BackWPup restore feature we described in detail how the restore process works. Take a look at it to find out how much BackWPup PRO with restore feature simplifies the restore process. Moreover we developed a BackWPup standalone app with which you can restore your website without the need to enter the WordPress backend. (which is quite helpful in case your website crashed in a way that it’s not possible to enter the WordPress backend.) Only PRO users can use this feature.

In addition to the restore feature, BackWPup PRO has a couple of more benefits compared to the free version:

Do you want to take a closer look at the changelog? Or want to know about future BackWPup features? Take a look at our BackWPup Blog (link) where we give further information.

More than 600,000 active users are already convinced of our WordPress backup solution. Do you want to be a part of them?

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