Those who rely on BackWPup don’t have to care about the data backup of his or her website anymore! On October 17th, 2017, our backup plugin reached the incredible number of 5 million downloads! Join our celebration: With our BackWPup discount of 50% on our BackWPup PRO version!

50 % BackWPup Discount on BackWPup PRO!

BackWPup 5 million downloads, the plugin is available at half price.

Since version 1.0, BackWPup is in a continuous progress of further development. For example, we have our BackWPup PRO version with all its additional features only since version 3.0!
Until October 31st, you can get all licences at half price!

Here is a short overview about the additional PRO features:

You want to use BackWPup PRO as your WordPress backup plugin? All you have to do is to choose the fitting license on, put it into the shopping cart and buy it! The rebate is automatically deducted.

BackWPup benefits in comparison to other backup plugins

Besides BackWPup, there are some other well-known WordPress Backup Plugins which fulfill the basic requests of a backup plugin. But BackWPup has some more, both free and fee-based, benefits.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 1: Multisite Support

Free support of Multisite installations!

  • BackWPup benefit No. 2: Database Check

The only Backup Plugin which can also check your database!

  • BackWPup benefit No. 3: WordPress XML Export

Export all of your posts, pages, and other content types in XML. Even if you can’t restore your database, you’ll at least still have all of your valuable content ready to be restored back into WordPress. Only possible with BackWPup!

  • BackWPup benefit No. 4: List of Installed Plugins

Want to make sure each site has the same plugins installed? BackWPup is the only backup plugin, which will generate a list of your installed plugins, so getting the same setup on each site is a breeze.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 5: Multiple Destinations per Job

The only backup plugin for free, where each of your backups can go to multiple locations at once. Want your backups go to FTP, Dropbox, and email? No problem! You can be sure that your backups are safe no matter what happens.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 6: Database Backup for Additional Databases

Do you have other databases you’d also like to be backed up besides your main WordPress database? BackWPup can take care of backing up any databases you choose.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 7: Backup Custom Paths

The only free backup plugin with full control where to backup your files. Choose a path in non-Wordpress folders, to be sure all your data is safe.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 8: Import/Export Job Settings as XML

Save your valuable time! If you have multiple sites, you probably want them backed up to the same locations or with the same settings. No need to set up all those backup jobs all over again: just import the job settings and it’ll be done automatically by BackWPup, the only backup plugin with this feature.

  • BackWPup benefit No.9: Backup Setup wizards

Only BackWPup offers several wizards to get you started more quickly. Choose a pre-existing setting and get your backups running in no time.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 10: Differential Backup to Dropbox

Backups can take up a lot of space. But now, only with BackWPup, you can sync your whole site to Dropbox, and keep an up-to-date list of all your files. Update something on your site, and when your backup runs again, only those same files will be updated in Dropbox, too.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 11: Backups possible to many repositories

BackWPup is the only Backup WordPress solution, which enables you to backup on Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier. Moreover, the BackWPup is the only free backup plugin to save your backup wherever you want on Dropbox. To backup to FTP is another great feature. Additionally, BackWPup is the only free solution to backup to MS Azure and to SugarSync.

  • BackWPup benefit No. 12: One license per Multisite

In contrast to other backup plugins, you only need one license for a Multisite installation, no matter how many sites you have in this Multisite.

Inpsyde: Ihr Ansprechpartner für BackWPup PRO, das professionelle Backup Plugin

Do you want to have not only the free benefits, but all these advantages for the backup of your website? Then, get BackWPup PRO and profit from our flexible backup plugin! Until October 31st, you get a 50% discount!

BackWPup PRO with 50% discount!

7 years BackWPup

It was 2010, when BackWPup – first, only as free version –  was available. Our main developer is, since then, Daniel Huesken. With Brandon Olivares we were able to win another very experienced developer for BackWPup. He takes care of the support and the further development of our backup plugin.

A short review: In the 1.x –  and 2.x- versions, it was all about adding more data formats and directories as well as making BackWPup available in German. With our 3.x-versions, BackWPup is still free – we added functionalities and made it available for more languages. But besides to the free BackWPup, we developed a BackWPup PRO version with even more funcionalities. By using BackWPup PRO you have many more possibilities. You can check all BackWPup PRO benefits in contrast to the free version right here.

Because we made BackWPup, with version 3.3.6, compatible with PHP 7 and PHP 7.1, our backup plugin is and will be on highest technical standards.

Backup Plugin for the WordPress Community

More than 600.000 active users are convinced of our backup solution. You want to be a part of them? Then take the unique chance to get your BackWPup PRO licence at half price!

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