Our Values Determine Who We Are and How We Work Together

They give us orientation and describe our identity.
Our values are based on three ideal images that describe interpersonal relationships and the way we work.

Three Ideals Determining Our Values


We don’t like people trying everything to assert their own goals, we don’t like people who think of nothing else but their personal success. Instead, we appreciate mutual carefulness and considerateness.


Trust is a high good – the basis for a comfortable collaboration. We rely on trust and work it out through honesty.


We always try to think solution-oriented – we orientate our work towards the ideas of our customers and aim to give the best answers to their requests. We achieve the optimal solutions as we tackle problems professionally.

This Forms the Basis for Our Cooperation

Respect & Appreciation

Mutual esteem is our requirement to work together. Therefore, we respect and appreciate each other, independent from our position of responsibility.

Tolerance & Teamplayer

We think it’s quite uncool if people work together in teams but only see themselves and put their own ideas in focus. Instead, we attach importance to mutual tolerance and a behavior like fair teamplayers.

Clear Communication

Misunterstandings result in confusion, need to be clarified and cost valuable time. Therefore, we focus on a clear communication being especially important at remote work.

We Set these Demands to Ourselves


Satisfied people are happy people being in balance with their private life and their work. We support this satisfaction of each and every Inpsyder and always search for possibilities to further improve it.

Admit One’s Mistakes

So far, no master has been trained in one day – mistakes can happen to everybody. We appreciate an open treatment with the mistakes we caused. According to a saying, you learn by making mistakes.

Self Improvement

We don’t want to run along with others, we want to be in front. That’s the reason why we support the further training of all Inpsyders, so that everybody can focus on improving furthermore.

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