Our Values Define Who We Are and How We Work Together

They guide us and describe our identity.
Our values are based on three ideals that describe interpersonal relationships and how we work.

Three Ideals that Define Our Values


We value mutual carefulness and consideration. We hold in high esteem team players who consider the group’s success a key element to their success and focus on obtaining all goals, not just asserting their own.


Trust is a precious asset – the foundation for a successful collaboration. We create trust with honesty and mutual help and see this as the basis of our open-source philosophy.


We are solution-oriented – we align our work with our client’s ideas. We achieve optimal solutions because we deal with our problems professionally and take responsibility for our work.

The Foundation of Our Cooperation

Respect & Appreciation

We understand the individual is the basis of our community. Therefore. we respect and appreciate each other as we are, independent of our position of responsibility.

Tolerance & Team Player

We cherish mutual tolerance and team players. Fairness, acceptance, and respect are essential for a healthy and productive team dynamic. We know that the individual’s work serves the community and strive for the community to provide for the individual’s well-being.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is indispensable for remote work, because misunderstandings can lead to bad moods in the team and end up costing valuable time.  Therefore, as a remote company, we pay special attention to good communication.

We Set these Standards for Ourselves


Happy people at peace with themselves, their private lives, and work make the best employees.  That is why we are always looking for new ways to promote the inner fulfilment of all Inpsyders.

Owning Up to Mistakes

Masters are made, not born. Mistakes can and do happen to everybody. We deal openly with mistakes and try to learn from them.


We want to lead, not follow. That’s why we are committed to the continuing education of all Inspyders. In doing so, we learn not only for ourselves but with and from each other. We understand that we must never stop learning.

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