idealo: Germany’s Big Price Comparison

The Berlin company idealo was founded in 2000 and is the most successful European shopping and comparison platform. With 1.5 million daily visits, around 50,000 shops, and over 350 million offers, idealo helps its users open up new markets and find the best offers. The company is committed to transparency and fairness.

idealo for WooCommerce:
Sell Your Products on idealo

As a certified WooExpert, Inpsyde supported idealo in the development of the plugin idealo Payments for WooCommerce.

The WordPress Plugin idealo for WooCommerce allows you to connect WooCommerce stores with the price comparison platform idealo. When WooCommerce store operators create their products on idealo, they can link them to the corresponding WooCommerce products and use idealo’s direct purchase function. Thus, incoming idealo orders are  managed centrally and easily via WooCommerce. So shop operators can reach more customers and always have an overview of their business.

How idealo for WooCommerce Works

Simply select a suitable idealo license for WooCommerce, install and set up the plugin ‒ and your WooCommerce shop is automatically connected to idealo!

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Idealo: Behind the Scenes

We look forward to many years of successful cooperation with idealo.

In this blog post, we take a look behind the scenes of the popular shopping & price comparison platform.

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